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The Queen's Beauty Pageant: Results
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Here we are again at the close of another contest. This contest was fun, for me and many in the community. I would like to congratulate the winners, and thank all participants. Thanks to submitters and voters as well as people who helped with the contest.


Scoring was completed by Ataraxis and TMRaven who worked together to make sure the scores are accurate. Ties weren’t broken up.

Here is a table with all submissions and the designers. The designers are also in ( ) next to the design names in the results below.

1-MOA Division
1. Sludge Dredd (Ataraxis), 34 points
2. ROASTED CORN (Bakuhatsu Pengin), 23 points
3. Reaverbot (Fukei), 16 points
4. Disgruntled Shoe Salesman (Harakiri Tiger), 14 points
5. Boy (Nomrah), Pool Noodle's Revenge (TMRaven), 13 points
6. Dark (Taurus), Firestarter (Fukei), 12 points
7. Negro Angelo (Harakiri Tiger), 11 points
8. Chikanball (Queen Drac Wraith), 9 points
9. White Glint (TMRaven), Tanky the Tank (Queen Drac Wraith), Achrobatic (Ataraxis), 8 points
10. ITS GREENMAN (Bakuhatsu Pengin), 7 points
11. No Recourse (Nomrah), 4 points

1. Ataraxis, 42 points
2. Bakuhatsu Pengin, 30 points
3. Fukei, 28 points
4. Harakiri Tiger, 25 points
5. TMRaven, 21 points
6. Nomrah and Queen Drac Wraith, 17 points
7. Taurus, 12 points

2-AA Division
1. Retenie (Nomrah), Lone Stranger (TMRaven), 24 points
2. Junkyard Dog (TMRaven), Haze (Fukei), 23 points
3. Wrought Iron (Bakuhatsu Pengin), 20 points
4. Administrator (Nomrah), 17 points
5. Fire Chief (Bakuhatsu Pengin), 16 points
6. Octavius (Zealous), 12 points
7. Pysanka (Ataraxis), 11 points
8. Lazor Chikan (Queen Drac Wraith), 6 points
9. Pedobear Assault (Queen Drac Wraith), 4 points
10. Mr. Zones (LS), Scuttle Shuttle (LS), 3 points
11. Pansy (Ataraxis), 0 points

1. TMRaven, 47 points
2. Nomrah, 41 points
3. Bakuhatsu Pengin, 36 points
4. Fukei, 23 points
5. Zealous, 12 points
6. Ataraxis, 11 points
7. Queen Drac Wraith, 10 points
8. LS, 6 points

3-LR Division
1. D-A-D (Bakuhatsu Pengin), 24 points
2. Omega (Nomrah), 20 points
3. Huckleberry (Ataraxis), Akimbo Avelyn (TMRaven), 18 points
4. Steggy (Bakuhatsu’s Mom), 17 points
5. Muscle Chaser (TMRaven), Bowflex (Zealous), 14 points
6. BLUE BALL Z (J.E_Magog), 13 points
7. Suit & Tie (Ninety), 11 points
8. Interloper (Nomrah), 10 points
9. ThoseNatGeos (BISHOP MUSHROOM TIP), 8 points
10. BIRD (Bakuhatsu Pengin), Gugnir (Pendragon), 6 points
11. DIVE OF THE PEGASUS (Queen Drac Wraith), HYADES (Taurus), 5 points
12. Eleven (LS), SUGAR WALLS (BISHOP MUSHROOM TIP), Tourette (Ataraxis), 4 points
13. America Chikan (Queen Drac Wraith), 2 points
14. SPACEBOI (J.E_Magog), 1 point
15. Crate (LS), 0 points

1. TMRaven, 32 points
2. Bakuhatsu Pengin and Nomrah, 30 points
3. Ataraxis, 22 points
4. Bakuhatsu's Mom, 17 points
5. J.E_Magog and Zealous, 14 points
7. Ninety, 11 points
8. Queen Drac Wraith, 7 points
9. Pendragon, 6 points
10. Taurus, 5 points
11. LS, 4 points

4-FA Division
1. Fingerboom (TMRaven), 41 points
2. Warhound (TMRaven), 38 points
3. IBIS (LS), 17 points
4. Ol' Tex (Bakuhatsu Pengin), 15 points
5. Cannonade (Stravern), Bass Hunter (Kakumei), 9 points
6. Scorpio (Taurus), 8 points
7. Skeeter (Ataraxis), Salamander (LS), 6 points
8. Two-Step (Bakuhatsu Pengin), Seraphim (Stravern), Lord (Py687), 5 points
9. Dark Star (Fukei), 4points
10. FriedChikan (Queen Drac Wraith), Resonance (Py687), Bongo Banner (Ataraxis), Thornheart (Poseidal), 3 points
11. M. Chocolate (Kakumei), FF-Rei (Harakiri Tiger), TRMW-Asuka (Harakiri Tiger), 2 points
12. FOR ANSWER (KORTOKtheSTRONG), Ramlethal (Poseidal), Desert Fox (Desert Fox), <(@_@<) (Fukei), 0 points

1. TMRaven, 79 points
2. LS, 23 points
3. Bakuhatsu Pengin, 20 points
4. Stravern, 14 points
5. Kakumei, 11 points
6. Ataraxis, 9 points
7. Py687 and Taurus, 8 points
8. Fukei and Harakiri Tiger, 4 points
9. Poseidal and Queen Drac Wraith, 3 points
10. Desert Fox and KORTOKtheSTRONG, 0 points

V-VD Division
1. Wyvern (Stravern), 33 points
2. Alphonse (aznk41), 32 points
3. Zenith (aznk41), 22 points
4. How? It's a miracle. (SwitchBack), 18 points
5. Emerald Weapon (SwitchBack), TYPE-TAURUS (Taurus), 16 points
6. Soft Drizzle (Mari Churin), 11 points
7. SL in VD (Nomrah), 9 points
8. >(>__________<)< (Beliroz), RIOT (Srash), 8 points
9. Viohelt (Nomrah), SRS UNIT 7 (Srash), 7points
10. Loquat (Py687), Char Imitation (Mari Churin), 5 points
11. High Roller (Ataraxis), 4 points
12. KAMEKAME-HA (Taurus), 3 points
13. Kumo Pegasus (AvalonFive), Venatrix (Py687), Half-Baked (Ataraxis), 2 points

1. aznk41, 54 points
2. SwitchBack, 34 points
3. Stravern, 33 points
4. Taurus, 19 points
5. Mari Churin and Nomrah, 16 points
6. Srash, 15 points
7. Beliroz, 8 points
8. Py687, 7 points
9. Ataraxis, 6 points
10. AvalonFive, 2 points

Battle for the Queen’s Heart
Designs (the part that matters in the case of winning my heart)
1. Sludge Dredd (Ataraxis), 25 points
2. Junkyard Dog (TMRaven), 16 points
3. D-A-D (Bakuhatsu Pengin), Retenie (Nomrah), 15 points
4. ROASTED CORN (Bakuhatsu Pengin), 14 points
5. Huckleberry (Ataraxis), 13 points
6. Lone Stranger (TMRaven), Akimbo Avelyn (TMRaven), 12 points
7. Zenith (aznk41), 10 points
8. Omega (Nomrah), Wyvern (Stravern), 9 points
9. Fire Chief (Bakuhatsu Pengin), 8 points
10. Steggy (Bakuhatsu’s Mom), Pysanka (Ataraxis), Muscle Chaser (TMRaven), Reaverbot (Fukei), 6 points
11. Octavius (Zealous), IBIS (LS), White Glint (TMRaven), Warhound (TMRaven), 5 points
12. Wrought Iron (Bakuhatsu Pengin), TYPE-TAURUS (Taurus), Fingerboom (TMRaven), 4 points
13. Pool Noodle's Revenge (TMRaven), Lazor Chikan (Queen Drac Wraith), Administrator (Nomrah), Tourette (Ataraxis), KAMEKAME-HA (Taurus), 3 points
14. Interloper (Nomrah), Skeeter (Ataraxis), Emerald Weapon (SwitchBack), 2 points
15. DIVE OF THE PEGASUS (Queen Drac Wraith), Bowflex (Zealous), FriedChikan (Queen Drac Wraith), Two-Step (Bakuhatsu Pengin), How? It's a miracle. (SwitchBack), 1 point
16. Everyone else, 0 points

Designers (doesn’t matter when it comes to winning my heart)
1. TMRaven, 63 points
2. Ataraxis, 49 points
3. Bakuhatsu Pengin, 42 points
4. Nomrah, 29 points
5. aznk41, 10 points
6. Stravern, 9 points
7. Taurus, 7 points
8. Bakuhatsu's Mom, Fukei, and Zealous, 6 points
9. LS and Queen Drac Wraith, 5 points
10. SwitchBack, 3 points
11. Everyone else, 0 points

Thank You List
(details on what each person did probably doesn’t mention everything they did)
TMRaven, got pictures for 3 of the divisions (2nd-3rd generation and most of 4th generation) and helped with scoring
Harakiri Tiger, got pictures for 1st generation
FromCheng, got pictures for 5th generation
Major Kolton, got some pictures for 4th generation
Ataraxis, helped with scoring
Tearsin and Zealous, covered the contest in some of TRV
Everyone who submitted designs
Everyone who submitted designs that weren’t just PvP competitive designs (I know who you are)
Everyone who voted
Everyone who voted seriously
Everyone who thought that the aesthetics part of this contest is good (huehuehuehue)
Everyone else that helped

Overall Thoughts
Well, this contest was much bigger than last time. The battle for my heart went well. This contest did feel more refined and it was nice to see some decal use in 5th generation, but I’ve seen better. Adding RR was a good move if you ask me. ACU by far brought the most to this contest (again) which doesn’t surprise me. ACL going down hampered this contest a little bit, but I spread this contest to multiple sites, so whatever. This contest was definitely fun and hopefully the next contest will be even better.

As far as the divisions go, I believe that 2nd generation was the strongest. Some of the better designs in the contest were here and none of them were ugly (except Pansy, Pedobear Assault is still amazing). After that is 3rd generation which actually had my favorite design, Omega. 1st generation was a little weaker than 3rd generation, but I feel that 1st generation from last contest was better. 5th generation was way better than last time, but still a weaker division. 4th generation for me was a horrible division with nothing that I particularly liked. As far as BftQH goes, it was a fun division. Guess I have to give my heart to Ataraxis now.

As far as a next contest goes, I won’t be hosting it. TMRaven will probably host it and for me, I’ll be able to try and figure out who made what, something I can’t do as host.
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07-23-2014 11:31 AM
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(07-23-2014 11:31 AM)your mom Wrote:  I AM ART

4 out of 6 divisions, damn. Great stuff TM! Great turnout Drac!

Also I found it weird that without knowing who made the ACs in each era, it turns out I was voting for the same few names.



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Thanks everyone, it was a fun contest. Also, Grim, please examine the following:
"Submissions are over, and it’s a whopper – 51 ACs strong for Queen Drac Wraith‘s second aesthetics ACDC."

"Designs: 93
Competitors: 27"

Just a little thing I found. It's not a big deal to me. Nice to know the contest made the blog~
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