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Reiki's Touch : False Messiah Deleted Chapter
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I failed again.

Houko sighed to herself as she entered her hut. Her own thoughts wandered to the events earlier, to how Kumatora had lost consciousness after being infected by the creatures they have been tasked to eliminate. One could probably put the blame on the blonde Guardian in this situation. They were trained to be Guardians after all. Their greatest asset is their own abilities for combat. Failing and losing in battle was and always will be the Guardian’s own responsibility.

But the half-feline was different.

She never thought that way.

All it was to her was that she failed to protect someone.

Nothing else.

She only shook her head as she reached for her Kitsune mask and took it off, placing it on top of the end table beside her bed. Houko’s lips formed as small smile as she gazed at the mask for a moment until her cat ears perked and the bell she wore on the tip of her tail tinkled.

“It is not nice to sneak around you know.”

And with a quick snap of her hands did kunais slid down from her sleeves, clasped between her fingers. Her expression didn’t change at all as she turned to point the blades towards the intruder. Her face immediately softened the moment her eyes beheld the color of red. A red kimono and a pair of wings. Ebony hair and emerald green eyes. A calm expression that didn’t even flinch at the sight of blades being pointed at her.


At that, did the half-bat smiled. And Houko shook her head as she withdrew her weapons.

“You don’t need to do that. I told you before right?”

The half-feline just sighed before mirroring the lone Yuuno offspring’s smile.

“In any case, let me prepare some tea. Just sit down and---“

Before Houko could finish her sentence did she felt a tug at her robes and Mirin just shook her head at her and her lips moved once more. At that, the half-feline Guardian just smiled.

“Okay then. I leave it to you, Mirin.”

With a smile did Houko settled herself on her own bed, sitting down as she closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of Mirin preparing tea and her own thoughts. Her own thoughts regarding earlier events, of hers and Kumatora’s venture into the mines of Krisna. Her hands moved in well memorized movements as she removed her gauntlets and boots, freeing her hands and feet to relax.

A Guardian is supposed to protect. If he or she can’t do that then---

Her ears perked up as she was shook out of her reveries. A small smile on her lips as beheld Mirin holding up a cup at her which she took with her hands. As she did so, did the half-bat took her own and sat beside the Elder Guardian. Both silent as they took a sip from their respective cups. Houko could only sigh to herself as she felt the warmth of the drink gently coursing through her system, comforting and relaxing her, physically at least. She closed her eyes as she savoured the feeling and opened them as she felt a tug on her sleeve. As she turned to Mirin did the said girl’s lips moved once more.

“Nothing really, Mirin. I was just, “ Houko said before sighing and looking up at the ceiling, “I was just thinking of what happened with Miss Kumatora earlier. “

She took another sip before closing her eyes as she continued.

“It was lucky that Lady Yanagi was with us but still, I didn’t think she needed to go through that.” The Guardian spoke as her voice trailed off, “I should have been more alert.”

Houko turned to Mirin just as said girl only shook her head as her lips moved.

“True but…”

At that the young half-bat reached for the Elder Guardian’s cup and along with hers, placed it on the end table. Houko could only blink as Mirin leaned against her before looking up at her. She waved a finger before poking the half-feline on the nose and moving her lips, making no sound whatsoever.

“Ahaha. Sorry, sorry. “Houko apologized as she scratched the back of her head, a smile on her lips which vanished as Mirin leaned over closer, an annoyed look on her face.

The purple-haired half feline could only scratch her cheek with a finger nervously at that.

“Tsk. That’s not fair, really, “Houko said with a sigh, “But it is not like I could help it you know.”

Mirin only shook her head.

“It is just…”

The lone Yuuno offspring’s lips curved into a small smile.

“T-that’s not fair…but I…” Houko tried to say.

Her voice trailed off as she reached up with one hand to cover her face. At that, her frame slowly began to shake as tears slowly made themselves known In her eyes. The smile on Mirin’s face didn’t vanish as she reached for the older girl and leaned her head against her frame, holding her tight. Tighter as the half-feline began to sob and finally calm down.

The bells on her form tinkled, bringing the half-feline back to reality.

“S-sorry.” Houko apologized as she broke herself from the half-bat’s embrace and moved herself a respectable distance away, “I shouldn’t have done that just now, its not…proper for me to---“

The half-bat only smiled a bigger smile as the Elder Guardian bit her lip. She suddenly had the desire to take her Kitsune mask and put over her face but she knew she shouldn’t, not in front of Mirin. Said girl’s lips moved as she inched closer to Houko.

“You really are like her, Mirin.” Houko said as she looked down on her lap.

The half-bat only blinked at that. The Elder Guardian turned to the younger girl and gave a small smile.

“I’m sorry. I should stop comparing you to her.”

Mirin blushed a bit but shook her head, right before her lips moved.

“Even if it is okay, it is unfair to you.” Houko replied as her hand reached out to ruffle the shorter girl’s ebony hair, “Both of you are different people.”

She smiled.

“I am the one with the problem.”

The purple-haired half-feline could only blink as Mirin took the Guardian’s hand in hers. Her lips moved as her expression turned to one of concern.

“Yes, that is why I had to decline back then. I can’t be your Guardian because, well, I am---“

Her words were cut off as Mirin placed a finger on her lips, shaking her head as she did so. The half-bat only smiled.

“I am sorry.”

Mirin’s lips moved once more.

“N-no. It was not a big deal.” Houko said as she waved her hands in front of her, “I was merely doing my duty as a Guardian then.”

Her lips curled into a sad smile.

“But if I had just been stronger then you wouldn’t have ended up like this.”

Mirin shook her head before giving the half-feline’s hand a reassuring squeeze. Her lips moved making Houko blush immediately.

“Y-you don’t have to keep saying that, Mirin.” The Elder Guardian managed to say as she tried to regain her composure, “Your life is yours and you are free to do as you see fit.”

Houko bit her lip at that. She could only sigh to herself as she wondered how the lone Yuuno offspring could make her act like this. So, un-Guardian-like. Her eyes could only open wide as the half-bat’s lips moved once more. Her cheeks flushed crimson.

“T-that’s not what I meant but---“

Her words were lost as Mirin tackled her down on the bed. The tinkling sound of bells rang once then twice. The said half-bat only smiled as she lay on top of the Elder Guardian, giggling without a sound at the expression the half-feline has on.

“Ow, Mirin…what are you---“

Houko tried to speak but to no avail, even more so when the half-bat placed her lips on her own. This caught the usually alert Guardian off guard, so much she wasn’t able to do anything, until Mirin herself broke off their contact.


Smiling, the half-bat just placed Houko’s hand on her chest as she closed her eyes. Her lips moved, making no sound. At that, Houko’s cat ears drooped as she tried to speak once more but the lone Yuuno offspring just tightened her grip on the Elder Guardian’s hand, smiling all the more.

“B-but I…” Houko struggled to say but stopped as Mirin’s expression didn’t change at all.

Houko closed her eyes for a moment. Her thoughts went back to what she had said earlier. Mirin was not a replacement, even if she said she doesn’t mind being one. There was no way Houko would treat her as such. Mirin was Mirin. Finally, she smiled, mirroring the half-bat’s. The best she could do now was to accept the young girl’s feelings.

“Okay then.” Houko finally said as she laid back, settling herself on the bed. Her head rested on her pillow as she spoke, “If that is what you wish. And…Mirin?”

Mirin’s smile vanished for a moment as she blinked at Houko calling her name.

“Thank you.”

The half-bat eagerly nodded her head as Houko smiled at her. A different one from her usual, as the Elder Guardian actually tilted her head, making the golden bell on her choker tinkle. Mirin’s cheeks slightly flushed at the sight and the words spoken to her.

Her lips curled with a smile of her own as she leaned over the half-feline Guardian and planted a kiss on the supine Guardian’s forehead right before she began to make a trail of kisses, slowly gently and lovingly down her face, down to her neck and all over exposed skin. It was then Mirin’s hands began to roam all over the half-feline’s frame, feeling every contour on her fingertips.

Houko only closed her eyes, a healthy blush on her face, as she savoured the sensations of Mirin’s soft lips on her form. How gentle and lovingly the half-bat would kiss her. Her eyes opened wide in surprise as Mirin suddenly reached for her kimono and undid the piece of cloth completely in one quick fluid motion, baring her completely. She shook her head as the half-bat leaned and hugged her tight, nuzzling her own face onto the half-feline’s chest.

“H-hey, M-Mirin?”

Mirin could only look up to the Elder Guardian, a blush on her face as she bit her lip. Her lips moved just before she buried her face onto Houko’s chest once more.

“I-I see. Sorry, I was just surprised. Well I won’t stop you, “ Houko said as she scratched her cheek with a finger, “So, no need to rush, okay?”

The half-bat only nodded her head as she leaned back. Her emerald eyes roamed the body of the now naked supine Guardian under her who just gave a smile. She closed her eyes for a moment.

Mirroring the half-feline’s smile, in an effort to calm herself down, Mirin reached for Houko’s chest with both hands. With both did she trace the contours of the Guardian’s well developed chest, feeling the actual smoothness and softness of the mounds of flesh. She then began to massage both breasts with her hands before she finally decided to lean over to tease Houko’s left breast with her mouth. At that, Mirin would plant a trail of kisses around the half-feline’s nipple, sometimes nipping or licking until finally sucking the nub of flesh and teasing it with her tongue. She giggled to herself as she felt the nipple grow erect, no thanks to her. Finally, she decided to move to its twin, teasing it the same way as her hand continued teasing the other, stimulating Houko all the more.

“M-Mirin…” The Elder Guardian weakly called out to the half-bat, her voice shaking.

Upon hearing her name did Mirin leaned back, watching the Guardian under her as she continued to tease said girl’s chest with her hands, massaging and feeling. At the site of the expression Houko had on did Mirin felt herself drawn to the half-feline’s half-open lips. She found no point to resist as she leaned over, kissing the Guardian once more. At their contact did Houko’s frame stiffened.

The half-bat just smiled to herself at the opportunity given to her to proceed on what she wanted to do next.

Her hand slid down Houko’s flat stomach, lower and lower, aiming to touch the center of the half-feline’s being, as her tongue teased the girl’s own. The moment did her hand reached that junction did she felt the wetness that spread on her fingertips and did Houko broke off their kiss. Mirin only took the chance to nibble on the taller girl’s neck as her hand now began to stimulate the Elder Guardian.

“A-ah. That was sneaky, M-Mirin…” Houko managed to say between gasps.

Mirin only giggled to herself at those words as she continued to tease and stimulate Houko even further. Her lips continued to bite on the Guardian’s neck, one of her hands massaging one breast and the other down on the half-feline’s nether lips, teasing with her fingers and coaxing the wetness and arousal from Houko’s frame. Until finally Mirin smiled as she took two fingers, her middle and ring, and gently pushed them inside the half-Guardian’s center. Thanks to all the stimuli, the half-bat’s fingers met no resistance even if she pushed them as far as she could. At that, Houko could only moan as she held onto Mirin as tightly as she could, holding onto the girl’s crimson kimono as hard as she could.

“M-Mirin…” Was all Houko could say.

The younger girl only nodded her head as she embraced the Guardian back as her fingers began to move, taking the half-feline again and again. Said half-feline could only moan and gasp in time with the half-bat’s thrusts. The feeling of Houko’s breath against her own skin, the shivering of Houko’s frame and the wetness and tightness she felt from her fingers; all of these pushed Mirin to continue, giving the Elder Guardian the pleasure she wanted her to feel. Until she felt Houko’s frame stiffen did she push her fingers as far as she could go. The final moaning of Houko as she climaxed music to the half-bat’s ears. As the half-feline’s climax subsided did Mirin leaned back, her fingers still inside the supine Guardian, as she watched her trying to calm herself down.

“M-Mirin….I…” Houko started to say but she was cut off as she could only open her eyes wide, “H-hey w-what---“

Houko could only watch as Mirin moved down, settling herself between her legs.

“W-wait, M-Mirin, I am still---“

Her words were lost as the half-bat pulled her fingers out, sending a wave of pleasure coursing through her. This gave the younger girl the chance to spread Houko’s legs apart even further as she leaned down and planted a kiss on the moist junction between her legs.

Houko could only arch her back, moaning as loud as she could, as Mirin began to stimulate her now most sensitive areas with her mouth and tongue. She could only try to reach for the half-bat; both her hands gently holding on to the said girl’s ebony hair as her frame was assaulted by waves of pleasure in time with every motion of Mirin’s lips and tongue. Given her current state of arousal, it didn’t take long for the half-feline to reach her limit. Her whole frame all but stiffened at that and falling limp as her climax passed, leaving her gasping and out of breath. The lone Yuuno offspring was only giddier than ever, licking Houko all the more as she partook the fruits of her labor. The taste of the Elder Guardian filled her mouth. After licking her clean did Mirin moved closer to the Elder Guardian, resting her head onto the exhausted Houko’s chest and listening to her breathing as she calmed down.

“Mirin’s really sneaky.” Houko managed to say.

The half-bat looked up to Houko, sticking her tongue out before her lips moved once more. The Elder Guardian just shook her head at that.

“I don’t see how that works actually but, “The half-feline said as her arms wrapped around the girl on top of her, “It’s not like it’s a bad thing?”

Mirin only nodded her head at that as she just smiled and closed her eyes, focusing more on sounds of the supine Guardian’s heartbeat. She could only blink as Houko suddenly lifted her up, having her sit on the said Guardian’s stomach. Confusion on her face as she tilted her head before her lips moved.

“Ahaha. You could say this is a little payback, “ Houko grinned as her cat ears twitched, “ For Mirin’s sneakiness.”

The confusion on the younger girl’s face instantly changed to that to an expression of embarrassment as Houko reached up with both hands and undid her kimono, placing her in the same state of undress the half-feline was. At that she just shook her head as she tried to cover herself. Her gaze avoided the Elder Guardian’s as her lips moved. Houko only shook her head at that.

“I don’t think so. Mirin’s very cute.” Houko said with a serene smile; her eyes half-hooded, “So, let me see?”

Mirin only bit her lip at those words but realized she couldn’t resist any more than she did the moment she turned to look at the smile Houko had on. At that, she slowly removed her hands, setting them down to support herself as she showed her naked form to the half-feline. The girl’s body was young and underdeveloped but what stood out to Houko was Mirin’s cream-hued and almost flawless skin.


The half-bat only shook her head at that before her lips moved once more.

“Maybe so…but it’s my fault that you will not gro---”

The younger girl’s eyes opened wide as she shook her head violently.

“A-ah. Sorry sorry.” Houko apologized as she scratched a cheek with a finger.

At that, Mirin gave a full smile, complete with eyes closed. But the smile on her lips changed to that of a gasp without a sound as she felt Houko’s warm hands running all over her frame. The half-feline’s hands started on her cheeks, down her neck, her shoulders, the length of her arms, to her side, waist before going up to her front, up her stomach and stopping to cup both of her breasts. Small and underdeveloped they were; they were still sensitive as Houko’s hands began to massage them, gently and lovingly. The half-bat’s lips only contoured to a soundless moan as the supine Guardian continued stimulating her.

“Really cute.” Houko said as she continued but a grin made itself known on her face as she realized something, “Hey, Mirin, could you move?”

Mirin could only nod as she opened one eye to peek at the Elder Guardian. Her mind wondered what the half-feline was up to and would have been able to figure something out if not it had been muddled up by the sensations assaulting her frame. Her eyes opened wide as Houko moved her up; the blush on her face getting a deep red as the half-feline had placed herself in between her legs. The face of the Guardian so close to her nether lips.

“It is my fault you are like this, Mirin, “Houko said with a giggle. Her breath tickled Mirin, making her shiver, “And it’s only fair I do this.”

Before the half-bat could react she found herself arching her back; her frame shivering in pleasure as Houko began to stimulate and pleasure her with her mouth and tongue, gently and lovingly. She could only do her best to support herself with her shaking arms but she, for a moment, realized didn’t need to as she felt the half-feline’s arms wrap around her waist, pushing and keeping her in place. The sounds the half-feline made aroused the half-bat even further.

Until it finally became too much for the girl. Mirin felt herself teetering over the brink, so close to her limit but was pushed off as she felt Houko plunge her tongue as far as she could. The half-bat’s lips in a silent scream as she climaxed, that final wave of pleasure coursing through every inch of her being. In its wake, it left her body exhausted, weak and limp.

The lone Yuuno offspring slumped forward, holding herself up with her shaking hands, as she tried to calm herself down. Houko only smiled to herself as she began to lick the half-bat clean, tasting more of the gasping young girl in her mouth. After doing so, did she smack her lips before gently moving the half-bat down, setting her frame by her side. The girl breathing heavily all the while.

“Did I overdo it?”

No answer as the expression of the half-bat didn’t change. Her face clearly showed exhaustion as she tried to catch her breath. Smiling, Houko pulled the smaller girl closer to her, hugging her tight. It was at that moment, she realized Mirin had fallen asleep in her arms. She only shook her head as she leaned over to kiss the half-bat on the forehead.


The image of the half-bat smile’s flashed in her mind, followed by the tinkling of one of her own bells.

“Thank you.”


I can only comfort you through your dreams. When you are wide awake, all I can do is smile and enjoy your presence.



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