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S-Ranking Destroy AI Prototype
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Hello all ravens. I'm "new" to the series and am enjoying AC very much. I'm currently finishing up on Silent Line but am having trouble getting an S on one mission. In fact it's the only mission which isn't S.

It's hard to get information about this mission and I've tried various sites. Actually it's the reason I joined RR - not the only reason though.

In case forgotten, Destroy AI Prototype is that mission with a resupply vehicle at the beginning, wire fences, unmanned quad and hover MTs, squads of high-end MTs, and an infinite deployment of AI ACs at the end. Quite a long mission and not exactly fun replaying it over and over.

On my best attempt, I destroyed all enemies and cargo, no resupplies, destroyed 2 AI ACs and ended the mission with 72XX/95XX AP. I used energy weapons and sturdy but cheap parts - BEE, GRP, CASK and SHUT.

I'd like to know how you guys did it. thanks in advance.


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