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LR: Machete
» Heavy-Weight, Bipedal Shotgunner
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AC Name: Machete

H10-CICADA2 4,4,2,0,0
CR-C77O/U 6,0,0,4,0 (Yes the Neo-IKS, could also run C06-EOS with tunes 4,0,0,6,0)
A07-LEMUR 7,3,0,0,0
LH12-LYCAON 6,1,0,3,0
B04-BIRDIE2 0,10,0,0
G01-LOTUS 0,10,0
R01-HAZEL 0,0,10
- (Empty, but could put a handgun here if more ammo is needed)
- (Empty, put a handgun or a blade here if needed)

Paint Scheme:
Base (R,G,B): 40,45,50
Aid: 70,75,80
Optional: 200,200,200
Detail: 170,140,90
Joint: 102,100,110
All weapons black/default.

Oh no, another joke AC with unusable parts. The C77O/U has pretty much been nerfed to oblivion after SL with its lack of optional part slots, weaker and heavier than the UA, and at the last slower than every single OB cores there are out there. The issue of the optional parts have been circumvented with a multi-function head along with a stable leg part, creativity took care of the rest. Roll eyes

Tactics are as followed: Start out with three missile volleys to empty out the extensions. Drop the extensions and pop the OB to close distance then perforate the opponent with the shotguns (Always fire lefties first to improve accuracy). Standard OB tactics apply. This AC is meant to be piloted aggressively.

The M2 missiles curve slightly and can fly over some obstacles, do not be shy to poke at long ranges with it as it has plenty of ammo. The VOLUTE2 is there to give a more vertically oriented lockbox than the MONJU or the 73H to aid in hitting flying opponents, in which the shotguns excel in doing. The shotguns will quickly shred light and middle weights, often breaking leg parts first, heavies however, take a bit longer to crack.

A human opponent in a moderately fast AC will be able to out-maneuver this rig and reduce it to scrap metal in no time though.
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