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Corvus Crovax (SLAC)
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Corvus Crovax

First of all, the name refers to the crow constellation, so I painted it all black with white details to represent the stars. Ever since I read the name Raven, I thought of this, and have played some variation of the same design. Reverse joint, light/low drain, looks like a Black Bird.

Head: Rachis/Bee, Former for Weight, and looks/latter for Defense.
Core: ORCA, Energy EO, and looks.
Arms: GALEs, Light, Low Drain, looks.
Legs SOLIDs, Mostly for turning speed, and looks.
Booster: CBT-00-UN1, Yes, the starting one.
FCS: PLS-SRA, Accurate Lengthway.
Gener8r: ROZ, Max output for fast Charge recovery.
Radi8R: ICICLE, Light, Efficient.
Inside: CWI-BO-20 Bomb Dispenser.
Extension: Optional
R Arm: Varies
L Arm: Varies
Back: Optional

The SLAC version is specifically designed to fly indefinitely with good Boost control, and keep up a steady rate of fire with Rifles. RArm Rifle, and LArm Sniper with the Lengthway FCS, preferably the listed one for fast accurate locks. Excellent for missile dodging, and otherwise out of range of most weapons, it's pretty much my version of an SR-71 "Blackbird." Fast, high altitude, out of range instead of tactical aggro.

The platform is also a versatile weapon carrier, Bomb Dispensers are mostly a surprise, since nobody else uses them much, but they work great dropping them from above. Also a nice stun for Bladers, I can tap jump (No boost) and straffe them on the way over, then skid boost around out of reach. That's what I love about RJs, the free altitude before you start boosting so you can get higher before you have to manage your Charge. I dequip the dispensers in the Garage if I need the weight.

Other than the rifle combo, I've also used the red MG500 with the SR, Howitzer, shotguns, and even Energy Weapons with jumps instead of boosting to maneuver. (In missions to save credits.) The Optional ones are for Missiles, if I want to go OW for Extension salvos before dropping them, and reverting to normal UW tactics. Usually the double missiles to shoot around the sides with vertical extensions, which gives them 3 trajectories to dodge.

Primarily a Vs/Arena core, and for AC killer missions, it requires wide open spaces, or you'll get killed under a low ceiling (Like the Parking Deck.) Not much defense, or AP, you also have to be good at areal dodging/maneuvering. Simple circle straffe just won't do it.

Optional Parts are always set for the mission/opponent at hand. I do use OP-I, but not exclusively, sometimes I can fill out the slots for better opponents, it really depends on what I'm tooling up for...

Vampire Gnat

My pet name for Mosquitos, this is little, fast, annoying and has a nasty sting thanks to it's Chaingun.

Head: Bee
Core: ORCA, or RAY
Arms: CAW-DS48-01
Legs: CLF-D3-WIZ
Boost: DRAKE
Gener: ROZ
Back: CNG-500
Ext: Relations, or Magazines. Vary for Mission/Opponent.

Weapon Arms, so no R/LArm weapons, obviously. Again, I tend to re-tool as needed, but the core parts are fairly consistent. This fills the gap with Covus Crovax, if it's too confined for hopping around, and sniping from high altitude, this is low, fast, maneuverable, and can shoot the CNG moving (On the ground.) Absolutely shreds Bladers, and other close quarters Chargers, because he can boost dodge, and out-turn them to stay in their blind spot. The missiles launch straight out, so they're not as likely to hit the ceiling, or obstacles, and you can shoot four with 1 lock, + Relations.

I usually like to burn up the Chaingun first, because it can be dropped for even more mobility, as with the empty Extensions. Not OW, though, so you don't start off sluggish, AND squishy. Unfortunately, all that solid ammo makes this hemorrhage Credits in Missions, so he's another dedicated Arena/Vs build. There is a variant with Linear Cannon Arms, and Back Plasma Cannon, but requires heavier slower turning legs. 3 color Urban Camo, to blend into the Parking Garage.

OP-I is not needed, so spec it for Energy Weapon (The EO) that little stinger is just DPS that replenishes itself, so you are never truly out of ammo, and again, have something for Solid resistant Tanks.


Arms: RE/REX
Legs: SRVT
Boost: DRAKE
Gener: ROZ
Back: WAKE
RArm: Laser/Plasma/Pulse Rifle according to Mission
LArm: 3771(OP-I) SOL(Without.)
Exte: Shields, Magazines, or Turn Thrusters, Depending on Mission

The last slot in my Garage was the basic Medium Mission Core. Minimum Energy Drain, with the Hover Boosters, solid weapons, and no Wake, it can float in place almost indefinitely (But maneuvering triggers Movement Drain.) This is to power Energy Weapons, so you don't have to worry about Ammo Costs to ruin your S rating. Otherwise, decent AP, Solid/Energy Defense, Cooling, and mobility as can be expected from a medium biped.

The main things are 1) Endurance, and 2) Mobility. This isn't a KARASAWA/MOONLIGHT toter, but more efficient at taking out hordes of weenies as opposed to full power ACs. The Energy Rifle usually has enough ammo for a reasonable length mission, but the EO recovers ammo quickly, and the Sword can be used as a limitless Rifle with the Wave, and skillful aiming. The point is, it can handle virtually any fight, reasonably well, where a Specialist can be caught out of it's element. Bladers can be beaten at Range, tanks out-maneuvered and worn away from behind, or simply taken from the air, where they just don't go too well.

The worst opponent is a small, light, fast, well armed flier, or speeder, but you've seen what else I have in my Garage already, right? I've got my choice for those matches. Everyone else, this guy can handle as long as you don't run out of charge. The Output/Drain ratio makes it rather easy if you're any good at it. Named after the paint job, Black, with Burgundy accents, and Crimson joints, or splattered camo in the same palate. Just change pattern whenever you feel like it.

I have other builds I can swap to with a few parts based on these basic templates. Missile salvo Archer, scorched Earth HELLFIRE (All Greek characters) with Plasma Cannons. Ultralight energy scout for those long outdoor missions with a lot of turrets, and so forth. Fast turning hover turret... These are the 3 that load when I get back to the game, though.
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