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UW Glitches
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After a little curiosity and experimentation, I managed to discover, replicate, and master a few (and possibly only) UW glitches. Considering the complex programming behind the UW activation and animations, there was bound to be a few bugs with their usage.

First Glitch: UW-Lock

UW-Lock is what happens when you activate your UW when staggered. This prevents you from using your UW as well as your weapons, and cannot be turned off. However, you now have access to a massive pool of energy, of which can be useful if you like to kick people in the face.

UW-Lock can be hard to go by, but with the right setup you can repeatedly lock yourself at will.

Self-help Method: Equip a bomb dispenser with a high impact force. Shoot the bombs at the wall, switch to your UW while staggered. Just be sure your recoil resistance is low, otherwise it won't work. Hard method, requires that you sacrifice much AP before activation, but requires no outside intervention.

Assisted Method: Have an ally use a stability jammer and a gatling gun on you. Activate the UW while staggered, and you're good to go. Easy method, uses the least AP, but requires outside assistance.

Note, you will gradually lose AP while you're in UW-Lock. To minimize AP loss, I suggest using a core with high thermal resistance. Alternatively, you can seek a core with low conductivity and a generator with lower critical power output.

Second Glitch: Cannon Purge Glitch (Tank Exclusive)

This is the more useful of the two UW glitches. This works primarily with tanks, and only works with burst-fire weapons like the autocannon, howitzer, and certain sniper cannons. Its a much riskier glitch, but in return there are benefits.

Activation is simple, but requires timing. While your weapons are in the middle of firing, activate your UW (practice with the Howitzers first). You should be able to keep your weapons, and you'll be able to use them after your UW is done. Just make sure not to try to activate the UW again, otherwise you'll purge the weapons.

Note, you cannot pull off both glitches at once, as the first glitch overrides the second. Even if you keep your weapons, you cannot use them.

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