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Leg Variation? (For mid-weights, at least)
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First off, Hello. I had joined a while ago and due to some circumstances I joined Raven Republic 2 recently. I hope we get along.

Now to the topic at hand.

This hit me as I watched a few videos on ACV. What if Mid-weight Legs with low turning performance, like the Denali and Rainer, are meant, or more specialized for, ground combat, and the ones with high turning performance, like the ULG-21 and Shasta, are meant, or more specialized for, aerial combat.

Edit: Also, not just for movement, the slower ones are probably meant to be easier to use Cannon type weapons on them and making better use of the defense buff when in Ready Stance.

It makes sense to me at least, with the more mobile legs you don't need to depend on using the ground to turn by using the quick turn method, but on slower legs it's a bit more important for staying mobile.

Feel free to tell me what you guys and gals think.

Edit: I JUST noticed the AC Theory and Concept section. Should this go there instead?

It's go time!
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