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Will you walk the path your destiny calls you? or walk away and leave the world as is
» A introductory to a pretty good sentei series
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Meh might as well


So what makes this sentei stand out from the rest?
The character here is more of a dark hero…but much darker…the best way I can put it
It’s like combining Batman and Spawn
Like Batman the background story of the main character is the seen parents well in this case Dad die in front of his eyes but not because of a trigger of a gun…in this case Dad gets killed by a “Horror”

Plus the idea of Batman was born the moment that gun trigger is pulled…in Garo…being a Makai Knight (supposively some sort of defenders of the human race against these Horrors) is a family tradition thing so the main character is already destined to be next Makai Knight…sad thing he sees his Dad (the current Makai Knight) get killed in front of him…so yeah you can imagine what could be going through the main character’s head right now…
And unlike Batman…the main character for Garo does not have the connections that Bruce Wayne have
What are “Horrors” you might ask? Pretty much all the negativity in the world congesting into a tangible monster form
So they’re monsters? Other sentei series such as power rangers, mask rider black etc to name a few follow the same formula what makes Garo stand out?...unlike the others…where you have the typical flow…”Oh my God…monster attacking city…who will save us? Que in dramatic entrance…enter heroes…”

Garo takes things from a different more practical more realistic approach…The “Horrors” here can come in any form…I am mean any literally from a game show host, to a talent scout, to your average every doctor to even a simple watch…they try to lure their victims where no one will hear you screams of terror as well…you get the idea…

So how does the hero appear? Think somewhat like Devil May Cry or Batman…no need for an overly dramatic entrance…the hero here is more “practical” and does fight dirty then again your fighting monsters that don’t play the rules either anyways

Another I liked about Garo is…like any great story telling… there is actually character development over time…they all have their own little flaws…and for the good reasons which is also rare for a sentei series

Plus the designs are actually nice (good luck making a costume of the Garo Armor XD )

I love the 3d aspect of the show…how the 3d and live action shots mix together

So to put it bluntly…you’re the next Makai Knight in line…you see your Dad gets killed in action in front of you…you don’t have the same kind of connections that Bruce Wayne…your pretty much on your own…and the Horrors can be anything…and I mean anything…so how are you going to confront each day now with all those in mind? Be the hero your destined to be or just walk away?

I think the show is 12 or 24 episodes forgot XD
And it also has a movie…forgot the title of the movie though just google if your interested to watch it
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09-15-2011 03:21 PM
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Just after reading it, I can tell this one's pretty good and quite intriguing.
Too bad I haven't heard of this one before.

I've also seen the armor. HOLY. SHIT.
This isn't you childhood's toku.

'Signatures are overrated.'
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09-15-2011 03:36 PM
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its worth watching if your a big sentei fan since this is one very unique for a sentei series

i think the show was successful there is a season 2 and a 2nd or 3rd movie of it in production since it has a lot of 3d elements in it of course it will take a while to finish

Garo came out around 2006-2007 hmmm i think around same time as Avatar: The Last Air Bender

Garo also manage to get very high ratings for a sentei series and for the good reasons just like MLP and Avatar: The Last Air Bender it had everything a great animation/series should have...unique and realistic characters , great story telling and unique way to tell a hero's story, character development (though the main character never smiled through out the series i wonder if he will smile in season 2 LOL) , a somewhat unique concept, great designs and the 3d parts are very well done great animations, modeling, texturings, lighting and such

when i first the 3d parts i thought it was a movie...apparently i was wrong it was a 20+ episode series...and upcoming season 2 and another movie which they havent announced yet though when it will come out

TwinSkies watched some episodes of this with me before...TwinSkies also liked the series

my bad out na pala ung second movie of Garo XD just came out this 2011 gonna watch it XD
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09-15-2011 08:17 PM
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...just watched the 2nd Garo movie...kinda prefer the first one...this second movie felt "bland"

oh well at least there's season 2 on the way just don't know when >_<


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09-18-2011 10:03 PM
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