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Theory and Concept Rules
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As the subforum descriptions says, Theory and Concept is for in-depth analysis and discussion of the game and its mechanics

For posts about Armored Core not concerning gameplay (such as the story, setting, characters, etc, mecha designs, etc), please head over to the AC Stuff subforum.

To help keep the forum more organized, please put a tag before your thread title, if applicable.

AC - Armored Core in general
AC1 - Original Armored Core
PP - Armored Core: Project Phantasma
MOA - Armored Core: Master of Arena
AC2 - Armored Core 2
AA - Armored Core: Another Age
AC3 - Armored Core 3
SL - Armored Core: Silent Line
NX - Armored Core: Nexus
NB - Armored Core: Ninebreaker
FF - Formula Front
LR - Armored Core: Last Raven
AC4 - Armored Core 4
FA - Armored Core: for Answer
*p - Portable
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