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ACFA Blading guide
» (growing progress b/c i'm still learning)
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Ok i got a question for you guys do you think blading is simple?
The answer is yes and no, yes b/c the objective is to slash your opponent to bits.
No b/c there's a lot ways to do it and if u just try to slash you're asking to get killed

Part I

Basic rules:
*When your in a blading game it's always 1vs1
*When you want to show you wish to fight show out your blade (basically press the attack button but being a considerable distance away from your target)
*When the person shows off his blade back then the both of you may begin
*Always make sure you can see your opponent (in front of you)

Now before you just start slashing everywhere you need to know the Quick boost stages

Stage 1 boost-Normal quick boost
Stage 2 boost-faster speed and more distance yet same energy consumption
Stage 3 boost-same as stage 2 but even more faster and covers more distance (if on ground and some one is spectating from above they will see split-sec flame marks on the ground [that or i was hallucinating])

How do you get from stage 1 to stage 2 or 3?

Stage 1 boost-press the quick boost trigger fast
Stage 2 boost-press the quick boost trigger much slower (you can tell if it's stage 2 by the bigger amplitude of the noise the booster makes and the boost flame or w/e it is covers more of your screen)
Stage 3 boost-(I'm not rly sure b/c i don't think i've done this myself but i'm guessing you press the trigger rly rly slow)

Now we get to more thinking about this

Slashing rules:
*when you start the battle do not make your attacks obvious! (Quick booster forward and slash) Draw a figure with your mech like the number 8
*If you miss dodge their counter attack immediately! Otherwise you gonna take A LOT of damage
*If it hits turn boost quickly and either try to attack some more or you can go on the defensive and try to counter attack
*NVR dual blade 1 b/c there's a huge opening when you use your second blade ryt after your first. 2 b/c you're more likely to be stun if you get hit and being stun during a blade fight is definitely NOT good!

Dodging rules:
*When you dodge, DODGE! do not waste your time doing a stage 2 or 3 boost to dodge unless you plan on a very advance counter attack
*Once you have successfully evaded their attack turn boost and (depending on how far they are) counter attack
*If you didn't evade then GTHO of there (if you're stunned over boost your ass out)

Part 2 Making a blader

Ok the idea mech is a LW (or atleast M-LW) for speed ryt?
but u also hav to take energy supply as much as speed

Head: Anything energy drain on these parts aren't that big of a differance
Core: This is where u hav to choose btwn White glint's core (i guessing it has the increases OB since when i put that part on the average speed actually higher even though it was a MW-core) CUBE's core (very shitty core but when you use this you hav good aerial advantage and it's the 2nd lightest) or some other LW core just stay to make sure the energy drain isn't THAT BIG
Arms: just make sure these arms hav atleast over 100 on energy weapon skill
Leg: ooh boy this is where it gets complicated you know how in the older AC series bipedal reverse joint quad/tank had their own way of slashing or shanking? well in ACFA each bipedal leg has their own unique way of slashing (this part of ur AC u hav to pay special attention to b/c as we all know Leg parts can hav the highest energy drain out of all the other parts)
Generator: u can choose others but rly i recommend the lighest one w/ the greatest output)
FCS: INBlUE (this made not be exclusive to blades but it has the fastest lock-on speed)
Front booster: Virtue
Side booster: ur choice just make sure it doesn't take to long for this quick boost to recharge cuz u're gonna do not only a lot of side QBs but alot of Turn QBs
Back booster: ur choice
Overed booster: u can choose an AA applicable OB however u depending on your style u might use this a lot 2
Right Arm: just don't get a hanger laser blade
Left Arm: u can put a laser blade 2 but it's more complicated but if u do same as right
Right back: -
Left Back: -
Shoulder: u can put that flash rocket but ehhh

Energy supply should be +3500
AP should be no more than 36000+ (shankers might be an exception but idk i nvr use them)
Average speed should be around 8700+ (mines is over 9000!)

not done w/ part 2 yet...

Raven name: Rexzo
AC name: Propagation, Melancholy, & Gotterdammerung (Soon: Omni Seraph)
AC type:MW Bipedal or MW Reverse Joint (either way)
Favored weapons: Rifles, Machine Guns, Hand Guns, Micro Missiles, and Laser Blades
Attack Style: Either Aggressive or Backpedaling

Being born with angel wings (Propagation)
Rose after fallen from paradise (Depression) (Melancholy)
Accepted my inner devil for if I fought; I would have ultimately lost (Gotterdammerung)

Having undergone these trials I've have become an Omnious Seraph

"I'm a Mercenary, I'm used to betrayal...
But power is all that matters now...
In the end, Human arrogance will eventually usher in our own downfall... -Genobee"\

Mindlessly killing is something everyone can do; however, only a few think and efficiently complete the task at hand
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