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SL: Magnum Opus
» My greatest ever.
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I’ve called it Rainmetal/Rheinmetal, Takedown, and a bunch of other names. But this remains my masterpiece, the pinnacle of my heavy weight design philosophy, my greatest piece of work, my Magnum Opus.

[Image: dscn1019yc1.jpg]
[Image: w640.png]


OPs: Screens, STAB, missile jammer, TRN+, FCS+ (needed for hard mode), CLPU

If I had one design, and just one design to pilot in any AC title for the PS1-2 generations, it would be this one (provided of course, the performance of this machine remains unaltered in any way). Damage soak for shell weapons reaches 69K with EN weapons at around a respectable 45K. Weapons are an all rounder, with the RF-160 + SRFL/70 fulfilling all range, direct fire offense or defense, and the VMs + relations for surprise attacks. A true ultra-heavy in all respects.

Radar is covered with the MISTEYE's long range, fast refreshing radar, which is pretty handy considering the part's weight and drain. Mobility is covered mostly by the GULL, though substandard (the UN8, FLEETs or maybe the MARE are the top and almost non-negotiable boosters in SL IMO), the GROA's OB plays a bigger part in movement for this AC’s distance control. The RF-160 + SRFL/70 combo, while considered overpowered (due to the SRFL/70 sharing the WS lock of the RF-160, only superseded by the MG800) provides all the offensive and defensive needs of this AC from short to mid range (WS lock, decent damage and accuracy at those ranges).

The armor on this AC is sub-standard for its weight class, as the SOD legs can accommodate heavier frame parts that would allow shell damage soak values to reach up to 90K. However with a bit of compromise, it enjoys a fairly decent shell soak value of around 69K. To put it into perspective, a standard midweight AC has a damage soak for shell defense at around 32K, making this AC at least twice as hard to kill as a regular midweight. These modifications are necessary in order to accommodate the rather heavy, but effective VM40-1 dual verts and R36 relations.

The dual verts in SL were really good at tracking opponents and offer heat and attack damage greater than that of a GL round if all missiles connect. Coupled with the R36 relations, the missile combo is a threat for any AC at mid to long range, even ultra heavies and tanks with massive amounts of shell defense will not be able to absorb the damage and heat dealt by the missile combo. Weighing just around 2000 weight points makes it one of the heaviest missile combos in the game, and thus limited choices for frame parts and weapons, but its effectiveness in the field makes them worth every compromise.

All these weapons are coordinated by the SRA02 FCS which gives a nice wide horizontal lock for the missiles and rifles, and with a lock on range of over 500 for both weapons means one can keep track of an opponents movement on both your radar and lock box. Missile defense is covered by the DD20 which provides enough decoys needed for a match. Cooling is done through the ICICLE, though drainy compared to other radiators, it provides adequate cooling and forced cooling for the AC, especially when paired with the CLPU option part.

Usage of this design requires a harmony between the missiles, rifles, and OB, allowing the player to use missile as both a setup and a damage dealer with rifles supplementing offense. Defensive play strictly focuses on dual rifles and decoys if the opponent has missiles. Getting into proper range is also important for this AC. Rifles will miss targets beyond mid range, and missiles will often overshoot opponents at close range. Thus OB is essential for this design in order to maintain the proper range of engagement. Thankfully the GROA’s OB is very forgiving despite the high OB heat. The sheer effectiveness of the AC’s armor, and weapons, and mobility combine into a design that hasn’t been surpassed by any AC design I’ve created before and after SL.

I’ve never been happier about a design ever since I discovered this one (with the exception of some of my LR designs I suppose). As much as I love its strengths, there are inherent weaknesses that can be exploited. One of which is its rather slow turning speed, which can be exploited by nimble ACs with high turn rates (066 legs come to mind for mids). A really good pilot (Imori level) in a competently designed mid or light AC with EN recharge extensions (MALUM or ELIX) can perpetually stay behind this AC provided that he is always one step ahead of Magnum Opus’ movement. On Magnum Opus’s part, its armor should be able to buy him enough time to do some damage of its own. Ditching the heavy missile system gives it room to play with speed due to its lighter load and significantly increased refresh at around +900, allowing it to go toe-to-toe with faster ACs.

With this, I end my last look back in time in order to challenge myself to build an even greater machine in an era of a new AC generation.

"There is no teacher greater than experience" -Dr. Q Huaong


Happy Sophie! :D

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