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AC Parts Nomeclature
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Armored Core 3 and Silent Line
Parts Nomenclature

Head Parts

Core Parts
?CL (Core Light)
?CM (Core Medium)
?CH (Core Heavy)

Arm Parts
?AL (Arm Light)
?AM (Arm Medium)
?AH (Arm Heavy)
?AW (Arm Weapons)

Leg Parts
?LL (Humanoid Light)
?LM (Humanoid Medium)
?LH (Humanoid Heavy)
?MB (Humanoid Heavy Special)
?LB (Backward Joint Legs)
?LF (Quadruped Legs)
?LC (Tank Legs)
?LR (Hover Legs)

Booster Parts

VREX (Crest)
AOX (Mirage)
PLS (Kisaragi)


RIX (Crest)
RMR (Mirage)
RGI (Kisaragi)

Inside Parts

Extension Parts
?EBT (Boosters)
?WEM (Missiles and Antimissles)
KWEL (Laser Anti-Missile System)
?ES (Energy Shield)
?EST (Radar Jammer)
CEEC (Auxiliary Radiators)
KEEP (Emergency Energy Recovery)
?SS (Side Shield)
MEA (Speed Recovery)

Back Weapons
?WM (Missiles)
?WR (Rockets)
?WC (Guns and Large Rockets)
?M (Magazine)
?RU (Standard Radar)
?RL (Long Range Radar)
?WX (Dual Back Weapons)
?WM (Dual Back Magazine)
?CWB (Dual Back Chainguns)

Right Arm Wpns
?WG (Guns and Cannons)
?WGG (Large Arm Weapon)
?WB (Parrying Blades)

Left Arm Wpns
?LB (Laser Blades)
?WG (Guns and Cannons)
?ES (Energy Shields)
?SS (Side Energy Shields)
?WGG (Large Arm Weapon)

Optional Parts

Company Prefixes (replaces ? above)
C - Crest
K - Kisaragi
M - Mirage

[Image: ARMORE1.jpg]
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