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The Thing we call "Stagger"
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(06-22-2012 08:38 AM)J.E_Magog Wrote:  It's pretty annoying how RJs got the highest stability compared to other legs.
What's the highest recoil assistance can we get from a MW Biped without losing too much boost speed? I can only get it a little over 1000, just enough to withstand those high speed KE missiles.

The weight of your AC determines how much additional recoil resistance you will have. Sometimes the smallest adjustments to your AC, such as your FCS, head, or booster, will give you additional recoil resistance.

The 11/H shotgun (unspecced) will stagger just about anyone below 1200 impact force. It's an ideal weapon for tanks and heavies trying to avoid a pile driver from mobile ACs.

EDIT: Did some testing today. The maximum amount of recoil resistance you can get off a middleweight is 1055.

Note, if you want to properly stagger your opponent, your weapon has to have at least 200 more impact force than what your opponent can take.

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