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AC:FA parts discussion 1.3
» New reg, new stuff to do.
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After playing for over 3 days and extensively testing designs with Archangel/Atdsutm I can safely say this is the most fun AC game since SL with much improved weapon and part balance.

General impressions:

General mobility is reduced from 1.2 and there is a greater emphasis on normal boosting especially for less efficient designs. Flying is still common, but

Bazookas and heavy weapons like grenade cannons can hit things now thanks to their muzzle velocity increase and the general slower pace of the game. Which is a good thing since 1.2 only rifles and laser rifles were the only weapons that can hit anything outside sniper weapons.

I’m quite surprised with the poor performance of the MARVE online. Statistically, it’s supposed to out damage other weapons, but I’m having a hard time getting the shots to connect. I may be missing something in the process of making them more effective weapons.

MGs are easy to use weapons, and the MOTORCOBRA has become more popular than ever with excellent PA stripping capabilities and a huge melee ability, ROF, and longest range of standard MGs.

Sniper Cannons still rock, and perceptively made a bit better due to the slower pace of the game. Though the 049ANSC seems to be the overall best value for weight SC compared to the somewhat nerfed 050ANSC. With the difference of only under a hundred points in muzzle velocity, the 049’s other advantages make it the superior weapon over the 050’s slightly greater accuracy. The heavy 061ANSC still seems to be worth it despite its heavy equip weight.

Rockets are a bit of a hit or miss. They can potentially do GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE thanks to their much beefed up damage rating, and their splash damage actually makes delivering that damage possible, but without a lock-on, it is still hard to get a beat at your opponent, especially if they’re in the air, where I’d usually rely on the rocket’s splash damage upon impact on the ground to deliver the hurt. The 5 shot spread rockets in particular can be dangerous in the right hands, and a direct hit double salvo can potentially rip an enemy AC to shreds faster than anything else in the game.

Missiles miss a lot more now thanks to their reduced agility stat across the board, but the DEARBORN missiles still seem to do a good job at tracking opponents.

Generator balance became weird. There are more useable generators, but the weight difference is just absurd for some. Useful ones include, but are not limited to:

Linstat (Highest KP regen)
Aliyah (Though a bit heavy)

To be honest, I liked the gen balance in 1.2 better and it’d be alright if they prolly retained their weight levels in 1.2 with some tweaks that were introduced in 1.3.

I’d like to get comments from the Ting bros on how effective BZs and Grenade Cannons are against heavies and mids based from out fights.

Anyway, expect part reviews soon.. At least the ones who's stats have significantly changed from 1.2
I'm also up for a few rounds every night, so if you see me online don't hesitate to contact me through PSN or YM if you want to test things out.

"There is no teacher greater than experience" -Dr. Q Huaong
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