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TWISTED METAL PS3 - atdsutm - 06-21-2010 12:20 AM

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HELL ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - Hempire - 06-21-2010 01:24 AM

I was surprised how they unveiled the game just when the sony *you still have a bullshit browser* conference was about to end.

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - Grim - 06-21-2010 03:29 AM

Well shit. This game looks nice and fun!

Props to Sony for a pretty good trailer, as well.

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - Mjting - 06-21-2010 07:44 AM

awesome as always. I kinda want it to be as dark as TMB tho.

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - Serene - 06-21-2010 07:52 AM

Clowns and Overweapons don't probably mix...

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - J.E_Magog - 06-21-2010 09:02 AM


RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - atdsutm - 07-18-2010 02:59 AM


RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - Hempire - 07-18-2010 03:56 AM

If you take a look at who made the list.....
it's by Sour Diesel
~~~It's a type of Strain~~~ oF HERBS!~

~~~~~~WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH WTF~I-AMposting? ~~~~~~
COSMIC LOL!~ *Fascinatingly fascinated by the strings of wtf in [time,space,consciousness] to be able to post this*

Still, no roadkill on the list wtf...herbsman...
TM sucked after 2.
But then TMBlack........
NOW TMultiherbalplay~~~~

Who gives a flying fu~ - bout that llist anyway.
Maybe he doesn't like Roadkill because he didn't know the returning boomerang DAMAGE? =D
that......or *insert cosmic reason why*

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - atdsutm - 07-18-2010 11:01 AM

mr. zombie should have been removed and placed with roadkill, he was much more significant in the TM story

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - Hempire - 07-24-2010 03:44 PM

SDCC 10: Twisted Metal on Story, 3D and PlayStation Move
David Jaffe sets the record straight.
Quote:Jaffe also revealed a bunch of story details for the game. In the single-player campaign, gamers will choose to play as Mr. Grim, Dollface or Sweetooth, and that story will give you a glimpse at what made the character into the monster you'll soon know. This tale will be told by live action cutscenes. Each story will have three difficulties and each of those will have its own ending – so look for nine different single-player finales.

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - atdsutm - 02-06-2012 12:43 AM

the demo is out until feb 7.

i highly suggest getting this game.


THERE IS ALSO A COOP/clan mode ata armored core V

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - Goat - 02-06-2012 01:13 AM

I'm liking ot so far. It certainly feels like the old days. Wasn't expecting the AI to actually rush towards me whenever I had low health though. Laughing

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - atdsutm - 02-06-2012 01:28 AM

yeah. most of the weapons and specials are really fun to use!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here is the low down on the specials available for some of the cars i tried out in the demo.
Death Warrant:
1st special - press fire and a gun aims targets on your reticle. I think i can be hold but im not sure. I am not sure if this determines the RoF/damage?

2nd special - Hold the first charge bar until the charge reaches the red bar, then release and HOLD it once again to charge the 2nd bar to maximum to launch to add homing rockets that fire along with your gun. The 2nd charge determines the amount of missiles you will be launching

note: charging the first bar only require you to release the button around the red bar zone, and maxing it would risk of dud, while the second charge is ok when you max it to launch more rockets. YOU DONT NEED to fully charge the first charge because you only need to reach the red zone, and IT IS BETTER to FULLY CHARGE the 2nd charge

1st special - the gunnery turret can fire their guns at enemies around you (even behind you) as long as you are close to them. mash the fire button to add grenade launcher damage. The rate you mash the fire button doesnt mean more grenades will come out, as they only launch at a fix rate

2nd special - the gunnery turret will now depend upon your front reticle, but missiles will now launch in front of you along with your gun when you mash the fire button. The more you mash rapidly the more missiles will appear.


1st Special - just a normal fire-like missile that deals 30 damage. Tongue

2nd special - a guided missile that as a reverse Y-axis input and using the right analog stick to adjust the speed of the guided missile. guide the missile and aim with it. If the reticle of the guided missile turns red, press the fire button to make the missile zoom into the target (the range is very far so dont worry). Damage deals 50 damage, but also causes splash damage on your end. You can also miss and hit a wall.ground and deal small damage to the surroundings and yourself possibly.

note: the missile can be shot down

1st Special - ram boost. Use this when you have running momentum and you will deal around 50-60 damage. Adding turbo before pressing the fire button will net you 70+ damage. Press the back fire button and Darkside will instead drop mines.

note: pressing the turbo and the fire button at the same time will grant you "darkside ram" that deals 85 damage.

2nd Special - Gatling guns. Hold the fire button and it will slowing wind up and aim anyone near you (kinda like outlaw's)

Crimson Fury
1st Special - auto aiming flame thrower that is kinda like minion's in TM:black, but in only aims on your front reticle. the flame thrower will shoot some additional fireballs if you are burning your opponent for a long time as a bonus damage.

2nd Special - Shockwave that deals damage to any opponent near you. Press and hold the fire button until max charge to maximize range and deal 20 damage.


1st Special - a fire-missile like attack with a slow startup, deals 40 damage. But if you hold back on the left analog stick, press gas and while the special is equipped, the biker will do a wheelie and ignite the chainsaw. the flaming chainsaw will deal 150 damage.

2nd Special - an RPG, where you can snipe someone manually and dealing 45 damage. beware that you are obviously stationary when doing this.

Meat Wagon

1st Special - shoots a slow fire-like projectile that deals 40 damage. most fast units (reaper/crimson) can move almost as fast as the projectile.

2nd Special - guided projectile that deals 90 damage and is very slow. Can be guide along with quick turning (X button).

note: can be shot down and has a timed life.


1st special - turns into gunnery mode where your pov is in a gatling gun. it semu auto aims and you can still move your helicopter.

2nd special - uses a magnetic winch where you have to pull the enemy up and drop him down. Dropping the enemy down will yield a "death drop" dealing 60 damage.


other weapons with mechanics

Swarm missile- just hold the fire button to max the first charge, then look at the six missiles to light up and launch them for max damage.

Stalker missile - 45 damage missile, and charge it (doesnt need to lock until the moment of launch) to increase homing capability.

Sniper - hold and aim at a single opponent for a long time and wait till the fuel icon passes up. (car icon> tire icon> fuel icon> headshot). you can also use this to topple an enemy.

Ricochet - max charge it so you can detonate it at will.

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - Goat - 02-06-2012 02:17 AM

(02-06-2012 01:28 AM)atdsutm Wrote:  Death Warrant:
1st special - press fire and a gun aims targets on your reticle. I think i can be hold but im not sure. I am not sure if this determines the RoF/damage?

Based from what I've tried, it's always 1 damage per bullet with the 1st special.

I'll certainly get the game, with my fingers crossed on couch coop, because my sister wants to play it too. Laughing

RE: TWISTED METAL PS3 - atdsutm - 02-06-2012 03:47 AM

im not sure about death warrant maybe im imagining it.

anyways im WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY more hype of this than armored core V.

can we make a clan out of this too?

you guys should also get the demo