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Introductions: The Original Thread - Grim - 08-13-2006 09:40 PM

Hello sa lahat ng mga tao! OK, so tulad nga nang sinabi sa title, pang-introductions ito. Being member number 1 (naks! LOL), ako na magsisimula:

Name: Mix
ACO Username: Grimlok
Birthday: November 14, 1985
Location: Antipolo, Rizal
Hobbies: Basketball, playing video games, sculling
Favorite AC Game: It's a 2-way tie between Another Age and Last Raven. 3 would probably be close behind.

- Goat - 08-14-2006 08:16 AM

Hahaha ako pinakaunang member. Second nga lang magpost. Anyway here goes:

ACO name: Divine Horse
Bday: 6/6/1990
Fav AC game: AC:MOA din
Hobbies: Computer games, nothing more, and nothing less.
Location: Philippines
fav AC type: Lightweights

EDIT: wahh third member n pala ako Sad

- Serene - 08-17-2006 08:30 PM


- azuma-blade - 08-18-2006 01:46 PM

ako pang ilan ako :tongue:

My Data
Real Name: Mark Anthony Abaya Aguado
Age: 19
Birthdate: Oct 9, 1986
Location: Pasay City

ACO and RR Identity: Azuma-Blade
Most Used Cores: Infinity MK1, Infinity MK2
Hobbies: Manood ng anime, maglaro ng Dota at Armored core, makinig ng anime soundtrack
First AC game: Armored Core
Favorite AC game: AC MOA..... sarap paglaruan si Ultimate 9-ball hahaha
Classification: Self-Proclaimed God ng Dota hahahaha

- Moonlight_Raven - 08-18-2006 11:44 PM

Name: Alvin Francis Ra

- Black Dragon - 08-23-2006 04:26 PM

Name: Martin Josef V. Taroy
ACO identity: Black Dragon
B-Day: July 14, 1989
Location San Mateo, Rizal (sayang malayo ako kay Grimoire, sa kabilang dulo kami Laughing )

Fave games: AC, Ace Combat, Devil May Cry etc (madami eh)

- maitreya - 09-03-2006 01:18 AM


ACG identity: maitreyasoul (sorry po, hindi ako nagpopost sa ACO Tongue)
Bday: Oct 30, 1985
Location: Muntinlupa
Occupation: College student
Dream: Be(e) happy. At, makalaban ng ibang tao sa AC. LOL!

- Fox - 09-06-2006 10:37 PM

OK, newbie member here.

Hello people!

Real Name: Anthony Palafox
Age: 22
Birthdate: 01/19/84 (nope, di pala ako pinakamatanda, hehehe)
Location: Fort Bonifacio.
Occupation: bum

Identity (sorry, no ACO account): Ghost, Fox, Thirdfox(Gamefaqs)
Fave core type: OB models
AC likes: micro-missiles, strafe-boosting while spamming machine-gun fire, picking on lower-ranked arena ACs.
AC dislikes: death-from-above specialists, PYTHON+LAMIA2 Zinaida in Last Raven,
First AC game: Project Phantasma (actually it was AC1 but my copy kept quitting on me so i just switched to PP)
Fave AC games: Master of Arena and AC3.........not too sure about LR just yet.

Hobbies: sci-fi novels, bulding gundam models, sleeping.
Music: Punk, Progressive and Hardcore.
Video games: Cars, aircraft and mechs with the occasional RPG thrown in.
Movies/TV: mecha anime(Robotech, Gundam, etc), sci-fi stuff (Dune, Star Wars, Aliens, etc) and historical epics (Braveheart, Gladiator, etc).

EDIT: Jeez, i really sound like a noob here. Tongue

- NiX - 09-15-2006 01:56 AM

Maybe I should have posted here first... hahah. Pero siguro better late than never

Real Name: "Nix" Torres
Age: 20
Birth date: January 29, 1986
Location: Alabang. Kaya sana, not too north ang mga assembly... hahah.

Internet Identity: NiX(whenever available). You can find me in
First AC Game: Project Phantasma.
Fave AC Class: Midweight Biped.
AC likes: Rifles, Ammo packs, loads of Surplus EP, Death-from-above tactics... haha
AC dislikes: Last Raven and its lack of variety.
Fave AC games:
1. Silent Line
2. MOA

Hobbies: Drawing, shopping
Music: Music from any genre EXCEPT hiphop and country.
Favorite Video games:
1. Armored Core... all of them
2. StarCraft
3. Samurai Showdown IV
4. Tekken 5

- Doom Trigger - 09-27-2006 07:33 PM

Rookie raven here..

Real Name: Jolly Salvado (Lame name is'nt it)
Age: 24
Birth date: March 25, 1982
Location:Laloma Quezon City

AC Identity

Raven Name: Duo Maxwell
AC's:Currently working on new designs for tourney (from what I heard from Jay, Pilot's from Raven rep are tough as nails, so I'm redesigning..)

Favorite games:

AC Series
Tekken Series
and many games more..

Other hobbies besides gaming:

Collecting Jap culture(Anime, Plastic models, Music, etc..)
PC modding

Currently working my but to death, and recently lost time playing games..
I think my skill's are getting rusty(have'nt played AC for 2 months already),
think I'll skip joining the tourney(funny cuz I'll be hosting it at my place Laughing )
have'nt had the time to play(working sucks :sad: )

- beastkiller - 10-06-2006 08:00 AM


real name: eleazar lina
aco name :king_tiger
age: 22 (23 na sa november)
birthdate: nov 17, 1983
location : bacoor,cavite

ac class: heavyweight tank ac
favorite weapons: grenade launcher,plasma canon
ac game: ac,acpp,acmoa,ac2,ac2aa,ac3,acnx,acnb,aclr

currently nag work din me pero my tyme pa para makapglaro ng ac kahit once a week lang hahanap din ng makakalaban sa ac tagal na rin me walang kalaban eh e2 num ko kung gusto nyo 09157438649 txt na lng kau

- magnet20 - 10-08-2006 09:45 AM

*Begin Databurst*
Name: magnet20
Location: NC, USA
Age: 15
Screen Names:
-GFax: magnet20
-UT99: XA-26483
-CS Source: XA-26483
-EVE: Magnet20, XA-26483, 1337 Command

Fav AC Core: Light, Middleweight
AC Likes: MGs, Micro Missiles, DFA Tactics, LX
AC Dislikes: Infinite Condenser Capacity, Bazookas, parry blades, LX, Generator Crashes
AC Games Played: AC2, AA, AC3, SL, Nx, LR
Ac Games Owned: AC3, LR
Favorite Games:
-AC (all)
-Homeworld (1 and 2)
-Counter Strike
-Halo 2

Hobbies: Band, EVE online, Computers
Occupation: Full time student
Favorite Video Game Charachter: CABAL
*End Databurst* :ph43r:

- wanzerfreak - 10-08-2006 01:52 PM

el capitan wanzerfreak doesn't need introductions but what the heck...

Real Name: Muhammad
Usernames: WZR FREAK Mk113 - gfaqs, wanzerfreak or "el_capitan_wanzerfreak" on everywhere else.

Age: 24
Birthday: August 14, 1982
Location: General Santos City
Hobbies: games, game, games
Occupation: junior-grade medical transcriptionist

favorite games:

front mission series
ring of red
velvet file
armored core series
homeworld 1-2
mechwarrior 4: vengeance (sinong may MW4: mercs? pahiram naman o. Big grin )
ogrebattle/tactics ogre
tekken series
ace combat series

favorite ac classes: heavy bipeds and heavy quads.
playing style: rush.

- HellHound - 10-13-2006 12:16 PM


Real Name: Ronn Filip M. Adriano
Nickname: Ron..
Username: Hellhound, Hatsugen"ragna :tongue:" & Finch"ACO"
Age: 18
Birth Date: June 30, 1988
Location: Tondo, Manila

Favorite Games:
Magic The Gathering..
Tekken "Raven & Lei"
ATC online "Deff"
Ran online "Dex. Type Archer"
DOTA "Int & Agi types"
many more...

YEAH!!!!!! MISSILE! MISSILE! MISSILE!!!!!!! :bigsmile:

Likes: Sonic, MISSILES, FLCL, Samurai Showdowns, Myth, my PC Laughing, MISSILES!, RABBITS!, guitar & my drum sticks.. ANSIbombs ^_____^

Hobbies: Playing guitar, My PC and Ps2 Games, Practicing drumming skills.. wathing the clouds :tongue: "just like shikamaru nara" etc...

Music: Rock... The Pillows xD

Movies: HORROR..

Anime: FLCL, Naruto, NINJA Robots :bigsmile: , DNAngel.. One Piece..

About Me: Silent... but deadly.. :ph43r:

- Antlan - 10-16-2006 06:33 PM

Name: Paolo Alcabaza (incomplete)
Nickname: Cholo
A.k.a: Antlan (game name)
Age: 17
Birth Date: October 3, 1989
Location: Tondo, Manila
College: PLM
Preferred ACs: light weight humanoids
Preferred Weapons: Blade over guns
Preferred Battles: Long term melee combat!

"Hack and slash to smitherins"