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Full Version: How to Upload Pictures & Blathering
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How do I post a picture up here?

A: How do I Get one of my ACs aside from using a camera, can I use an emulator or is there another way?

B: How do I embed it to a thread post?

I finally have my garages squared away, and will be posting them sorta dump-spammishly in the Garages Section, I'll add some backstory to make it more interesting, including tactics, development, and theory behind it as well as some background on each "Raven" who flies them.

All of 'em are Last Raven, after playing Nexus, and re-trying Nine Breaker, I find them meh comopared to Last Raven's balance. Annoyingly so in the case of my fetish for R91 Radiator with tunes and Birdie/Birdie2/B91 with High Capacity Generators for Ultra-Lights with insane Boost Time and Cooling. Plus my Fudoh+Linden combo's just aren't as great... psh.

EC Optional Part in Nexus makes everything have ample energy too, and MG2, WYRM means most other guns are useless or boring.

So, I'll be uploading them soon-ish depending on how quick this question is answered, or however long it takes me to cave and do cheap digital phone pics. Laughing

I have a custom paint scheme for each one too!
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