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Full Version: Torchlight 2 LAN Parteh!
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Interested? Wanna do a 6 man Torchlight 2 party?

Torchlight 2(Update 10)

Anyone is welcome! Big grin
Lemme make a new character first and get him up to speed. Big grin
Awesome! I'll tag along with my lowbie Engineer.. Tongue
The last time I played this game, I had a level 87 Outlander with a killer legendary shotgonne. At what GMT do you guys usually play? I would love to join you if if I'm still awake.
I think it'd take us a few more days to reach around 80.. Still no plans on to what time we'll play.. We'll keep you posted.
I'm in, just starting out though. Do we do voice chat through skype or is YM good enough?
I'd like to join in the fray! Getting the game atm as we speak.
Rats. The chances of me being able to play with you boys seem slim. Apparently, it's GMT +8 on your end, while it's nearly midnight on mine.
We could use Raidcall.. Its free!
Got Torchlight with update 10 now. Tunngle? Raidcall? Which?
Tunngle for our LAN.. Not sure for voice.. lol
My dual-pistol Outlander is currently at lvl29 and i'm getting really bad drops in terms of equipment. Anyone got any decent enchanted or magic gear to lend?
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