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Full Version: Ipad or Google Nexus Tablet hmm
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thinking of getting an Ipad by around mid 2013 or so just to test on the indie/official games i worked on, check emails from clients while traveling and that paint software on ipads

can anybody suggest an ipad model?

looking for something not that expensive will since will just be using it for game testing, checking email and maybe that paint software

Twin Skies Suggested Google Nexus Tablet though question is can it run both Android and Ipad apps/games because if i remember both uses a different OS

because yeah if i wanted to play a full fledged game i would be using a psp/psp vita instead XD or ps3 or pc
What's your budget? And it really depends on which platform you prefer. The quality of apps on iOS is somewhat better. This is particularly true for games. But there's infinitely more freedom on Android.
budget is roughly around 15k pesos and not planning to buy one right after new year probably around mid year

hmmm been asking around in game dev forums suggestion so far is a samsung/android hmmm

"I agree with swag

My older brother is a retailer that sells tablets
so he has owned a few types of tablets

ipads are to lock down to be that great

but I will just list the cons and pros for a general over view

about 2x more expensive then any android tablet

the UI is about 65% more spiffy/cool then any android tablet

Ipad sync to cpu is about 75% harder then any android tablet

Ipad no reall drag and drop from cpu to tablet
android is real easy drag and drop

Ipad if you want to sync to another cpu it will wipe the type of info you are trying to sync off the ipad before it lets you get the new info on and often if not very careful it will fully wipe the ipad

Ipad you can not pass songs or movies from Ipad to new cpu (ie if you format you cpu you cant get back you info from you Ipad and if not care full you will wipe your ipad )
Android has no real problem hooking up to multiple cpu and can easily pass files back and forth (you just have turn on usb transfer in the android options the first time you hook it into a cpu)

Ipads app market has about 55% over all better app quality then androids app market

Ipad apps cost any were from 50%-500% more then androids
were the exact same android app Might be free or 1$ on the android market the apple market will charge 5 or more for it

Ipads jail brake is only about 20% more useful then none jail broke Ipads
hacked androids are easily 75% more useful then none hacked androids (you can with just a little knowledge do almost any thing you want with a hacked android)

My bro dose not like Ipads because how locked down they are and how caged they make you fill

why my Mom loves them because the apps are better quality then android
she could not fined one good midi app on android market but found quite a few on apple market

I would say that Ipads are ok for cip's (computer illiterate people ) because they will never try to push it to do a lot

why androids are the next gens kid toys (for people who know computers in and out) because they will push them to do w/e they want"

one of the replies from game artist forums hmm



why not get a emulator for my laptop or a tablet laptop


like hello the point for why i am looking for a mobile device is for testing mobile games and checking on mail while i am traveling like going to malls and such

i already have a laptop LOL XD if i wanted to get a tablet as powerfull as my laptop whats the point i already have a laptop
If it's really just for mobile gaming and checking email/browsing the web, I really suggest an iPad. If you want to tinker the shit out of it, get an Android.
hmmm then ipad it is then i wont be tinkering it anyways because i just do the 3d/2d art for game design so most likely the client/studio i worked for or worked will probably send me a free copy of the game and such for testing if it has any bugs/issues

next question how do i buy an app/game for the ipad since some of them require payment
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