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Full Version: Google Nexus Tablet
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What being speculated so far:

1. It'll be below 250 bucks to compete with the Kindle Fire
2. It runs on a quad-core processor
3. It runs on Android 4.1 (Jellybean)

I might just get this. It seems so handy.
Getting a Google Nexus 7? It's a real steal at just $199. Laughing
I already tried one out when a friend of my brother requested my help for buying a good gaming tablet.

All I can say is that it's one of the best android tablet in the market right now but unfortunately it isn't officially released yet here in the Philippines.
The one I got was worth 11,900php and it was only the 8gb model. Comparing it to the US prices, that should have been enough for the 16gb model.

One gripe about the nexus7 is its weak speakers. Its enough for games sound effects but its very lacking when viewing videos.
Yeah, I'm thinking of getting the 16 GB model. Yeah, full-blown techlust going on right now (this and a laptop). I'll be selling stuff like my older laptop and a kidney soon. Laughing
The 32GB model is now available through Villman for P14,000. Reasonable enough, I guess. I believe it's officially distributed by Asus Philippines, as well. I'll be picking one up as soon as I can. edit: Just found out that Asus has an international warranty, so you're still covered even if it's a gray-market unit.
Excellent. (:<
(11-10-2012 12:42 AM)NiX Wrote: [ -> ]The 32GB model is now available through Villman for P14,000.

WOW. That seems like a real steal to me! Ohmy

EDIT: If you compare it with the method of someone buying it in the US and bringing it home, well, that's definitely cheaper. But this is still a pretty good price for here.
Yeah, having someone buy it from the US for you at $250 is definitely cheaper. If someone's willing to do you the favor, then definitely take this route.

Villman's, at P14,000.00, comes with NTC stickers and full support from Asus Philippines. I'm not sure if they'll still entertain those purchased overseas now that they're officially distributing locally.

And yes, I did go ahead and purchase one (for Katrice). Good thing I made a reservation this morning, cuz stocks at Megamall were wiped out by mid-afternoon today. I was told that their stocks at Park Square didn't even last a day. Guy says they don't know when stocks will be replenished.

As for the device itself, I was quite pleased with it. The size and weight is just right. And the screen is definitely beautiful. But there's definitely that Android lag/stutter that I always read about despite it being on Jelly Bean 4.1.2.
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