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Full Version: Ideas for the next game that don't suck.
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First of all interactive environments like the ability to pick up dropped weapons and throw empty ones at other ACs.

Next Hand-To-Hand combat with physical wrist knifes along with executions and quicktime events. Quicktime events also may involve losing an arm or leg or two or having a bladed weapon jammed into your AC.

Coming up God of War features. Anyone?

More physical weapons.

Balanced weapons and better bosses. Also rare field only weapons that can't be sold or traded that certain enemies drop sometimes.

Free Roam?

Spartan Jack other ACs?

AC meat shield?

The return of orbit weapons. Shields, funnels, sword bits?

And lastly (I think?) Bladed guns that actually slice, cut, chop, sunder, spilt, stab, and tear ACs apart.

EDIT: Shit I forgot! Dual G-Blades!
Well, I know this wont happen but..

I know From Software is trying to revive the good ol' armored core feel with ACV so lets start with that.

Lets begin with Maps. Maps needs to be bigger and has actual tactical disadvantages and advantages.. Choke points etc.. This may be hard to do on a mech game which lets you fly and jump around but it can be worked out depending on weapons and parts.

Stats and parts.. We need it complicated.. I know From Soft is trying to make things simple and easy for anyone new to the franchise but they're doing it wrong. Keep the huge numbers and stats.. Provide proper tool tips and provide a community forum to discuss this stats. Also, add a huge variety of parts and not just more parts, make all parts equal in a sense. They were able to do this before, why not learn from this.

into further bloody detail on parts and stuff.. Add Physical shield, CIWS, Recon/Radar Jammers. Make them bloody useful with proper countermeasures to balance it out.. Also add deployable shield for cover, provide cover shooting.

Make AC's able to cling on buildings, give them a feel of weight. Give back blade tracking or make parts that are optimized for roles or weapons.

Return back weapons and make them use FCS or make specialized ready/back weapons for manual/supported aiming

Provide individual AP for parts (I know it might be like front mission but..). I mean it doesnt have to get destroyed all the time.. I guess getting hit with a freakin' huge high explosive missles would make your AC not function properly anymore kinda thing.

Make cooler looking AC!

Different types of weapons like Slow firing Rifles to High fire rate rifles!

More decals and Detail parts like how they did on AC4A

Charging and non-charging laser weapons

Tougher AI/Smarter AI. Heck, make AI mimick players

Give back fine tuning!

I'm tired!
Ooo, how bout flight packs, camping from a cargo plane (yes they're destructible), active camo, ability to fire ballistic missiles from underwater, deadlocks with blades, equipment sets like heavyarms custom themed equipment or seven sword themed equipment packs or even Raiden's grenade artillery cannon.

Up next grappling hooks/tether cables, and rockslides and the return of the stabilizer system.

Ridin tanks like chariots.

Self destruct button.

Return of first person maybe?

Thats all I got for now.
If were to review this thread for Fromsoftware, there are a couple of problems with what you guys want

(06-06-2012 02:54 AM)Sirius140 Wrote: [ -> ]Next Hand-To-Hand combat with physical wrist knifes along with executions and quicktime events.

Won't work well online.

(06-06-2012 02:54 AM)Sirius140 Wrote: [ -> ]Coming up God of War features. Anyone?

No way

(06-06-2012 02:54 AM)Sirius140 Wrote: [ -> ]Balanced weapons and better bosses

The patch was supposed to fix this in ACV

(06-06-2012 02:54 AM)Sirius140 Wrote: [ -> ]The return of orbit weapons. Shields, funnels, sword bits?

This ain't Gundam, it'll ruin the realistic, strategic and tactical feel of AC

(06-06-2012 02:54 AM)Sirius140 Wrote: [ -> ]Shit I forgot! Dual G-Blades!

Too heavy and impractical.

(06-06-2012 04:29 AM)Hell Heart Wrote: [ -> ]Give back blade tracking

I'd prefer it'd be gone

(06-06-2012 04:29 AM)Hell Heart Wrote: [ -> ]Different types of weapons like Slow firing Rifles to High fire rate rifles!

Existed in ACfa,was annoying to most players. ACV also has that but you can't tell the difference

(06-06-2012 06:43 AM)Sirius140 Wrote: [ -> ]equipment sets like heavyarms custom themed equipment or seven sword themed equipment packs

Heavyarms;maybe.. seven swords;impractical, absurd and downright useless.. Pile drivers were different because they can kill enemies instantly but were of limited use.

(06-06-2012 06:43 AM)Sirius140 Wrote: [ -> ]Self destruct button.

already exists, it's the PS button. No seriously, ACV has this already.
And there's the filter, but give it some actual positive thought as well. See where that takes you.
1. Screw conquesting for world map territories, instead make it a whole team rank only tournaments. We can still have the world map, every region should have their own tournament with top ten ranked leaderboards. (A team can only participate in one region tournament at a time, tournaments will be held every month.)

2. MOAR MAPS! ACV's 8 maps isn't enough, we need more!!

3. Being able to search free battle hosted games and password them.

4. 24/7 In-game customer support!

5. Fight your friend's AC as a mock A.I. with some battle style customization

6. Have a 2 vs 2 vs 2 mode

7. Optional japanese voices

8. Being able to view other AC's once player is dead.
Yeah more maps every few months. Also improved territory customization(like a grid layout for gun turrets)
No region locks for free battles.
Bring back the spectator mode.
Improved in-game chat.
I'm not looking forward to another campaign mode. ACFA had better single player than ACV.
A free Last Raven DLC with a working online mode.
Ideas I love em!
The following info is made with the assumption that it could actually be put in the game. I've listed possible new parts in different threads so I'll skip those...

Fix parts and the defense systems so that defense isn't as skewed. The way it is it supports damage racing too many times. There is a problem when you can turn a match around in five seconds. There has rarely been such a case in previous games, and even then, there were only specific instances. For instance, you could theoretically do it in FA with Kojima weapons, but it was VERY difficult.

Revamp Legs and support true 1v1. As is, designs are built and meant to function more in a team setting, not 1v1. Thus, each leg has a certain number of hard counters and soft counters instead of being able to have a chance at being any other leg type.

Revamp Conquest. Add a third party AI that acts an external force pushing against the player teams. Give it specific task and events like where it will take over the whole map (would be a very nice way of replacing the weekly server reset with something a little more story driven and natural).

Add a "Defend the Territory" mode that acts like the zombie mode in COD or tower defense where a team of four ACs have to defend a territory as long as they can as they are faced with waves of enemy. After a certain number of waves the team has 10 minutes to repair and rebuild their ACs as well as add defenses.

More maps. Nuff said.

Customizable AC test system. Stop giving us the generic situations in AC test like fighting a bunch of grunts, 1 AC, and another AC. Give the player to choose the map, number of enemies, placement, and types of enemies. This also ties in with adding the trainable AI AC from Silent Line.

Also tying into the above statement, level creator, and the ability to create custom missions. Give players the ability to create levels and share them. Also let players give them out as missions in which someone else must complete under certain conditions in order to gain a prize.

Support 5v5 AC battles. If someone doesn't want to be operator, give the option of letting them fight. This should apply to Free Battles.

Let stability factor into the firing rate of only certain leg types, mainly tanks and quads. Quads get a much higher fire rate on the ground and even higher in FPS mode. Tanks get higher fire rate period and CANNOT be stunned. If it weren't for this little tidbit I wouldn't give two clucks about CC HRJS with Zinnia shotguns. Also, give Quads the ability to use cannon weapons while on the ground. Quads are slow enough that they can't use it as well as tanks and staying on the ground it is a lot harder than it sounds.

Support auto part ban rules. They did this with the portable version of Last Raven where the host of a match can ban parts so that they cannot be used. This would help clean up a lot of problems with things like CC HRJs and more stealthy choices like flash rockets which you can' see unless you scan your opponent or see them use it.
another one, don't ever bring back booster heat.
(06-21-2012 07:14 PM)Goat Wrote: [ -> ]AMIDA. AND YARANAIKA.

I agree with the stability buff. Tanks are slow enough as it is. Getting stun-locked by a jammer/gat combo is a pain. I also don't get why quads have to have such low stability compared to HRJs. I mean, they have a pair of extra legs, why are they not stable?

As of now, I don't like how heavier ACs, while they have plenty of AP, don't have as much resistance. It doesn't make sense for a heavy AC to be solely resistant to TE weapons, but have little defense against things like rifles. Resistance should depend on weight class, rather than parts.

Stability and recoil resistance should also depend on an AC's weight class, rather than parts alone. I find it funny how tanks are able to fire 2 cannons on the move, yet they have less stability than an HRJ.

Resistance specialization is nice, but it should only be given to a select number of parts, rather than all of them.

The stat 'firing stability' should be split back into four seperate stats like it was in AC4.

UWs are near-useless considering how much they weigh and drain. Great against bosses and single targets, but impractical most of the time. Also, once you use an UW, you can't use it again.
Id like to see a return of Back Weapons, and Auxiliary boosters and other similar parts, Radars, ect ect.

Id give my vote for varying melee combat, maybe not QTEs but like built in reserve weapons, or improvised attack, run out of ammo, bash your weapon into them A la Supplice AC4 Intro. Or stagger them with a punch, I know ACs aren't as flexible as gundams, but I'm pretty sure they can throw a mean right hook, maybe using some deploy-able knuckle dusters for added damage,

As difficult as it would be to work in, Id like to see some Free-Roam,Maybe some RTS features like a home base for teams you can actually manage and visibly modify, where you can restock on ammo, and repair your AC and get missions, Make the Free-roam a part of the free battle system, were players could encounter and engage one another without the need of a specific mode, And to go along with that, I would like to see, cities and wastelands, were all out war can be waged, intrefaction conflicts. I dunno about you, but anyone hear about that huge battle that took place in Eve Online? Imagine something of that level for Armored Core

Mecha-sized Lances.
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