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Full Version: AC3: The few, the proud, the AC3 Owners Association
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I know that many of us don't own a PS2 copy of AC3, but this thread is for the lucky few who have played and or owned it. Here we discuss just about anything about that game. To start I really loved the music in AC3, it always knew what kind of atmosphere to create in each mission.
AC3 and Silent line is pretty much the best AC games for the ps2. During the early stages of the development of AC Nexus shows that it has a a similar atmosphere to AC3/SL but somehow we got an entirely different game in the end.
Most of the RR players have played AC3 and Silent Line. It's too bad we didn't know each other yet during that time. Great games indeed.
Lol AC3 is rare? Laughing

Anyway, AC2 and AC3 made me buy a PS2. Bought SL as soon as it hit the shelves. AC3 had the best representation of the AC lore in terms of soundtrack, atmosphere, and design; it was the most refined one imo. AC2-AA had better challenge/harder gameplay in general though.
Armored Core 3 was the first AC game i played on the PS2, although i was pretty late in getting to it, seeing as how i only got to play it back in 2004. Most of RR's veterans have already played it even earlier than that. I agree with Goat. As far as soundtrack and presentation goes, AC3 and Silent Line have most of the other games in the series beat. Tongue
You know, thinking back during the days of AC2-AA and beyond, we could've had more tourneys with these games. LR was the only game we've played seriously.
Well the idea came up a few times, but we never got to it. I'm still up for it if you guys are.
Silent Line tournament please. I've never played against anyone except for a couple of casual matches against Leperdude and Grim back in 2007.
AC3 tourney then? Although I'm pretty much sure I'd lose, I'm willing to join anyway. Laughing

So, is this officially the "Screw Bamco's ACV" thread?
(05-10-2012 04:56 PM)Grim Wrote: [ -> ]AC3 tourney then? Although I'm pretty much sure I'd lose, I'm willing to join anyway. Laughing

So, is this officially the "Screw Bamco's ACV" thread?
I guess so Grim. But that's kinda why I named this thread The few, the proud, the AC3 Owners Association. But yeah why not, anyway still looking for a copy of AC2:AA so I can kick Nineball's ass.

You know strangely enough, AC3 portable was my first AC game, but I knew about AC years before I got my hands on that game. I think I remember my older brother playing AC2 before he moved out and the instant I saw that game I was hooked on it, but my brother wouldn't let me play, but it did look very interesting at the time. Reason is because I was a developing Gundam fan back then.
AC3 was my first taste of true Armored Core; I got it after hearing all the hype about the classic installments, in spite of being hooked through AC4, and less so through 4A. It was completely worth it; the winding plotline and AC combat in that game are superb to me. (And it gave me a lasting love for Howitzers!) I STILL haven't beaten it due to its sheer size, but I'm getting there, slowly and surely.
I just beat Exile the first time by playing his CROW game and won at the reservoir. Now I'm still working through the extra arena.
Glad to say I finally beat AC3 a couple weeks ago after owning it for 3 years.
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