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Full Version: RIP, Steve Jobs
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I'm usually pretty indifferent. But I gotta say I'm pretty saddened by this. And I'm not even an Apple fan.
R.I.P Steve Jobs.
It's really sad Sad RIP world's greatest visionary CEO.
do we need a single topic for this?
Yes, if only to pay our respects to the guy who almost single-handedly changed the face of consumer electronics for most of the past decade and a half.
(10-06-2011 10:45 AM)atdsutm Wrote: [ -> ]do we need a single topic for this?

Yep. All of us probably owe the improving design aspect of -all- our gadgets and raising the bar for portable music players to him. This includes the PS3 and laptops.

He was also responsible for introducing the GUI (OS with graphics) to the masses. If not, we might still be using MS-DOS to this day.

...and I don't even like Apple :/
R.I.P. Steve JobsSalute
R.I.P. Steve Jobs
I woke up to this news. It was not the best feeling in the world. I'm no hardcore Apple fan, but yeah, I know my computing-experience has been drastically affected because Steve Jobs lived (much in the same way that it was affected because Bill Gates lives, as well).

Sad day.

[Image: stayhungry.jpg]
Sad Day indeed. RIP
(10-06-2011 10:45 AM)atdsutm Wrote: [ -> ]do we need a single topic for this?

Yes we do.

We're not worthy
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