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Full Version: AC wiki
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Contains info from AC1 all the way to FA. Tips for most of the hard bosses (Super Zinny, Super Pulvie) are there, too. Smile
probably useful for ACV as well
I guess it goes without saying that a lot of us here already know about that wiki. Good info for those of us who can't read through the Japanese-penned sites. The only gripe i have is with whoever wrote the tips for most of the bosses in LR, as that guy oughta diversify his tactics. Most of what i read called for using "a tank platform with the large-aperture laser cannon (LX). Just get in a few hits and [insert name of Raven] will go down easily". Domo
^ hey, don't knock the LX... It worked for me for a time. Smile) And to be fair, it's not a bad choice against the AI. MY particular gripe is that it's got nothing on 'AC Designing 101'. Lol. Tongue

And yeah, I suppose it's known among most of us here already. Smile No harm in posting a link where everyone can see it, though, right?
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