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Full Version: Android Tablet PC
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I need your opinions on this one. I'm thinking of replacing my laptop (The one I use at school) with an Android Tablet thingy. The internets say that it can run certain compilers including Java and C++. (Imma finish this later. School. XP)
Tablets are for reading, listening and viewing media in my opinion. Laptops are more for creation.
That is that and this is this. Tablets will never have the full functionality of laptops. Wrong move if you ask me.
i think it complements laptops & desktops but as replacement I still have doubts.
Grim's got it right.

Tablets are for consuming media while Laptops/desktops are for creating it. Laptops, portable as they are, are still kinda cumbersome to bring around. And smartphones are still just too small for serious media consumption. Tablets fill in that void quite nicely, I think.

Though I probably still wouldn't buy one, I can appreciate its niche use.
Yeah. I'll get one for browsing the net while moving around the house. I got to try one yesterday and it's slow compared to laptops, not to mention desktops. =__=

Thx for the advice! Big grin
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