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Full Version: Robot Unicorn Attack
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I haven't made a new thread in ages @___@

Anyways - I somehow convinced my club mates that video games will help with reflexes - but since most of them don't have consoles (sad isn't it? ) I introduced them to RUA. It's pretty much just "make a new high score" thing going on...

Plus the fact I'm too lazy to play anything extremely time consuming (RPGs and crap) ...

Here's mine so far:
[Image: 60000.jpg]

...Let's see how high the scores can get shall we? Laughing

Oh wait -

[Image: 61000.jpg]
Heavy metal version:

My score just awhile ago:
[Image: 99748-1-08-11.jpg]

Did anyone get a higher one?
Hmmm~ You're tempting me to go play RUA again. This might take up lots of time. Laughing
Heavy metal version...
-since it's a later version of RUA, it has a smoother map-load transition and all that
-due to it having darker colors, it's easier to see what you're stepping on.

-since it IS a heavy metal start to pity your speakers >_>
-it doesn't use Erasure's song Sad
-the other audios are so loud that I can't hear the important sounds (e.g. the sound of a star appearing)

aka.Heavy metal version is harder for me IMO Sad

[Image: 62412-1-09-11.jpg]
Highest I've ever gotten on the original one was somewhere around 72k methinks, lol.

Great now I'm going to get addicted again XD
[Image: 122420-08-06-11reup.jpg]
For those who want to play the Rainbow Dash version:
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