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Full Version: Armored Core Soundtracks
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Care of LCC, here are some of the AC OSTs that aren't available through Galbaldia Hotel. Some of the links we have around this section seem to be dead.

LCC Wrote:I don't have the full FF soundtrack, just what's on galbadia. Same with NB.


Get them before they disappear!
Get the AC1 tracks! It has EVERYTHING! Even the much elusive "Integrity" track I've been looking for years already.
Thanks. I couldn't find my AC1 OSTs in my older PC anymore. Big grin
I'm still missing the game version of Shape Memory Alloys if anyone has it. All the soundtracks have an added harmonizing bass/synth to the song that I don't like. It's tough to get because it isn't stored the same way as the rest of the music on the game discs. I used to have it along with the NB garage theme, but I have no idea where they went.
I don't exactly know the difference between versions of Shape Memory alloy, but here's the one from the OST released in 1999 Tongue:

Here's NB's garage theme:
Both of those are album versions. They have a habit of altering every garage them for OST releases, even NB's, which is fine cause I like it better anyway.
You can hear AC1 garage about a minute in.
Well, good luck looking for it. I have a game rip version of NBs soundtracks including the ones used for NX and the sound bytes used to distinguish the different medals awarded per stage, but it doesn't have NB's garage music.
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