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Trailer now out. Looks like there's a freebie booklet when you buy the UMD.

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Wow the last time I played this it wasn't this EPIC Laughing
Haha, the music is certainly radically different. Tongue

I wonder what old parts they'll be bringing back now?

EDIT: I just answered my own question:

[Image: 318aC.jpg]

PILLBUG (EHD-DOME from AC2 and AA) and FIREFLY (Can't see it clearly). It seems they also changed the names of existing AC3P and SL portable parts to reflect with NX-LR name changes (GLITCH head is now some random Crest serial number).

[Image: MLDi6.jpg]

And a new quad leg set, looks like the fastest one from MOA. Its also carrying the S/NIGHT from AA.
Nice to see the parts in their LR names. I wonder if the Karasawa I is going to be here.

Some translated info
Looks like things are coming full circle then. SCARAB, PILLBUG, FIREFLY and BUTTERFLY plus GECKO and ANOLE? I wonder what other new names will be used? Big grin
lol so they totally skipped nexus oh well not a loss to me Laughing
Paano na kaya maiiwasan yung mga suicide weapons at tatalunin si daemon kung disadvantaged na masyado yung controller?
(12-18-2009 11:33 PM)J.E_Magog Wrote: [ -> ]Paano na kaya maiiwasan yung mga suicide weapons at tatalunin si daemon kung disadvantaged na masyado yung controller?

Or worse, uber Zinny or that secret pulvie. Then again, we could just exploit the AI pattern and make specialized ACs.

Paano natin tatalunin si RICK?
Wala sya analog stick eh. Disadvantage na yun. Parang sa flightsicks. It's two buttons less... Make that 6, that's why its a hell of a fight. But the AC's are lighter or course.
Because since its a pain to eject weapons, you might now have anything under hangers, Energy EO's are useless because there's no EO button and so are Extensions. The only extensions which could be equipped are solid shields.
This is full of goodness here. I can't wait to get my hands on the PSP version of LR (I who play PS2 version LR maniacally everyday when not working... XD).

@ The Music change: Sadly, the music might be the same, because the music you heard here is the same music they used for the PS2 PV of Last Raven... --__--

P.S: I smell new arms. (the Red AC in the PV)

Hell, with vertical look being that hard, we're gonna have a hell of a fight with Uber Pulv more than uber Zinny... The latter stays more on the ground. The first, let's not talk about it's random up and down movements....

I want Sumika parts. Shades
It was unfair to have Vixen without Ariake.
Still no clue on the firefly head....
Some update from the LRP website.

Music from their EPIC trailerz
Seems like they'll keep AC3's in-game mechanics at all. Laughing

EDIT: I'll take that back. Uncertainty grows.
(02-03-2010 11:55 PM)Goat Wrote: [ -> ]Seems like they'll keep AC3's in-game mechanics at all. Laughing

Does that mean we will get blade tracking back? Woot
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