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Full Version: Purple Haze
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head: h81s4 (0,4,6,0,0)
core: c83ua (5,5,0,0,0)
arms: lemur2 (0,4,6,0,0)
legs: lh80s2 (0,5,5,0,0)
booster: gull (0,0,10)
generator: lotus (0,10,0)
radiator: ananda (0,0,10)
fcs: cowry
extensions: ss2
back l: wb69ra
back r: none
arm r: pixie3
arm l: wl74m
hanger r: sylph
hanger l: sylph

ops: amino, es, ec, codon, marishi, kangi

My staple from NX. Copy-pasted from an old AC board somewhere. It's here more for storage purposes. Tongue
what the fuck lol!!! When I saw the word Purple Haze....
did you lost your memory card?

this forums is literally our "garage"
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