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Full Version: ATC - Raycrash
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Anyone play the game?

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

If you guys play, look out for my

character name: armor (Deff) & Da_Bangus (Redkite)
account name: machiganater

This looks very cool, man. I'll check it out and edit into here my impressions later.

EDIT: Tried it out, very very slick. Looks like a lot of weapons are available for sale, but it's kinda n00b-unfriendly: you don't get credits after a loss, so you're forced to fight with the starter mech until you win. And given that the Koreans playing this game are already high in rank, well, there's not much chance for you, is there? Tongue

Perseverance wins though, haha. I finally won one! No money still though. :meh:
I used to...
I got tired of the game system because I'm not that good...
I use a Red Kite and that pink mech with a rapier...
yay free na ulit pwede ko na gamiting yung Zeid kong lvl 21 /gg
Meron din akong new account ^^, Miccu "Deff un >,<" lvl 6 plng hehe... di pa ako ganung kagaling pro konting practice lng yan. . . ^^,
kaso di ko parin makalumitan yung mass deletion sa ATC na badtrip ako doon yung nabura yung lvl 30 kong zeid T_T
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