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Quote:GameHi, the Korea developer of Sudden Attack show out totally 6 new project at a breath recently. These projects include Metal Rage, Project L, Project E, Project A, Project D and Karcass Online. Karcass Online and Project D is published by Game Hi. They will trickle in to our MMO world until 2010. The Sudden Attack is well spoken of by the korean players, so we have reason to trust these new projects.

Metal Rage

The first project which is named Metal Rage will start Closed Beta Test in latter half of this year. It's a Third Person Shooting online game, and its code name is Project M.


Official Site
sounds like a more accessible/realistic FRONT MISSION ONLINE.

oh crap, didn't i just put realistic and accessible in a sentence?
Looks like Armored Core meets Steel Lancer meets Chromehounds meets Metal Gear Rex. Which is not a bad thing, mind you.

(09-26-2008 10:20 PM)wanzerfreak Wrote: [ -> ]oh crap, didn't i just put realistic and accessible in a sentence?

I WILL SEE YOU THERE... if I ever get this game.
anong nangyari? diba korean to?
Anyway nice CG.

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japanese gameplay
Darn... It's like Border Break ONLINE. Damn.
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