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Full Version: WWII military design oddities
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[Image: 408420463_735e894d74_o.jpg]

The Tsar Tank, also known as the Netopyr' (Pipistrellus bat) or Lebedenko Tank, was an unusual Russian armored vehicle developed in 1914–1915. The project was scrapped after initial tests deemed the vehicle to be underpowered and vulnerable to artillery fire.

The tank was different from modern tanks in that it didn't use caterpillar tracks—rather, it used a tricycle design. The two front spoked wheels were nearly 9 metres (27 feet) in diameter; the back one was a smaller, only 1.5 metres (5 feet) high, triple wheel, to ensure maneuverability. The upper cannon turret reached nearly 8 metres high. The hull was 12 metres wide with two more cannon in the sponsons. Additional weapons were also planned under the belly.

[Image: 1349271-450-337.jpg]

German NK-101 Minenraumer rolling mine exploder.

[Image: 1345741-450-266.jpg]

German Kubelwagen

Third Reich vehicle design was the sh*t Laughing The Japanese had their own designs too, like:

[Image: lrg_radio_tank.jpg]

Feel free to post whatever!
A WWII Russian flying tank!

[Image: KT40.JPG]


Project Habakkuk, a joint allied super carrier. What could have been the largest fortress man has ever made

[Image: Habakkuk.jpg]


Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte, what could have been the largest tank ever made by Nazi Germany, or the rest of history.

[Image: ratte100.jpg]

[Image: ratte7.jpg]


And an even bigger "Land Cruiser" the Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster

[Image: p1500.jpg]

Best never used weapon systems!

2. Marine Corps Space Plane

A few years ago, the Marine Corps proposed Sustain — the Small Unit Space Transport and Insertion project — which would put boots on the ground anywhere in the world within two hours. It made a great PowerPoint presentation.

6. Davy Crockett Nuclear Bazooka

A nuclear recoilless rifle of questionable accuracy — what could go wrong? It was actually deployed in Europe during the Cold War.

7. Excalibur

This space weapon would have used a thermonuclear weapon to power a massive X-ray laser. Eventually the notion of setting off hydrogen bombs in orbit started to seem like a bad idea.

8. Bat Bomb

Aiming to end World War II, the Pentagon sponsored a project to release time-bomb-laden bats over Japan. The mammals would nestle in the nooks of buildings, where their incendiaries would eventually ignite. Little Boy and Fat Man beat them to the punch.
Sforza Wrote:6. Davy Crockett Nuclear Bazooka

A nuclear recoilless rifle of questionable accuracy — what could go wrong? It was actually deployed by the Boss. Oh wait, we don't have any records of that, do we?

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