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Jun 302010

From its long barrel, heavy weight, and its modest ammo capacity, the Sniper Cannon might lead you into thinking that it’s just another member of Armored Core’s Grenade Launcher family. But while they may look alike, the SC and the GL are entirely different weapons in how they introduce your demise. Continue reading »

Jun 182010
Kinnda makin' out the BANG BANG BANG there.

While rifles, bazookas, and shotguns are the most common hardware pilots will arm their AC’s with, that doesn’t necessarily mean these weapons dominate the realm of whoop-assery during a fight. In fact, some guys are more afraid of these guns AFTER they run out of ammo.

That’s because they know that all those grenade blasts and bazooka shells that have battered them within an inch of their AC’s life are just a prelude, an opening act, and that the minute their enemy drops all that heavy weaponry, the real ass-kicking begins. Continue reading »

May 202010

Being a track-based AC in Armored Core has several advantages, one of them being the ability to mount and fire some of the game’s biggest back-mounted cannons while you’re on the ground, and in the air.

In fact, some weapons only really kick you in the balls when they’re mounted on treads. And no other weapon best exemplifies this than the chain gun, at least during their heyday in Armored Core 3. Feared for their combination of shot velocity, stopping power, and rate of fire, the chain gun was like a machine gun on steroids. Continue reading »

May 172010

Ever wondered who the little chibi girl on the side of some articles? She’s no other than Sophie Emilia, Raven Republic’s very own covergirl created by none other than our very own Trace. For this summer illustration, Sophie is in the mood for soaking up some rays. Can you tell which AC core part resembles those patterns on her top?

Thanks Trace for creating another wonderful piece. You may want to look at more pictures of the lovely Sophie under the appropriate tag.

May 082010
Unstopable force vs. Immovable object... Place your bets!

Unstoppable force vs. Immovable object… Place your bets!

Energy shields are the ugly duckling of the Armored Core series; From one of the franchise’s most useless pieces of gear, they have evolved into an essential component that is literally part of every AC you fly.

When they first made their appearance in AC, EN shields weren’t quite as effective as we all hoped they would be. While their defense boost did turn your AC into a brick wall, their energy drain and weight ensured you also had just as much mobility as one. Continue reading »

Apr 292010
Wolverine would be so proud

“Wolverine would be proud”

Of all the weapons in Armored Core, none share the consistency that the Parrying Blades have ever since they were introduced. Consistent, that is, at being utterly useless. While all parrying blades can and will hurt you real bad if they ever connect, there lies the problem: IF they ever connect. Continue reading »

Apr 202010

Whether From Software really thought that two bazookas per AC was an unsatisfactory ratio of awesome, or whether somebody in their team had serious penis envy issues, we don’t know. What we do know is that the outcome of this brainstorming resulted in something equal parts WTF, and equal parts pure evil – the bazooka arms. Continue reading »