Armored Core Analogs

Armored Core meets real life.

Apr 292010
Wolverine would be so proud

“Wolverine would be proud”

Of all the weapons in Armored Core, none share the consistency that the Parrying Blades have ever since they were introduced. Consistent, that is, at being utterly useless. While all parrying blades can and will hurt you real bad if they ever connect, there lies the problem: IF they ever connect. Continue reading »

Apr 202010

Whether From Software really thought that two bazookas per AC was an unsatisfactory ratio of awesome, or whether somebody in their team had serious penis envy issues, we don’t know. What we do know is that the outcome of this brainstorming resulted in something equal parts WTF, and equal parts pure evil – the bazooka arms. Continue reading »

Apr 042010
Shotguns: Perfect for situations like these.

Perfect for situations like these.

Every shooter in the known universe will have a shotgun, and Armored Core is no exception. And just like every incarnation of the this weapon, AC’s own brand of boomstick is a nasty little beast you do not want to cross.

While its shot spread and slow reload speed are limiting factors to a shotgun’s capabilities, these quirks are forgotten when one gets a taste of the weapon’s ability to turn your AC into something resembling a clip from Destroyed in Seconds. Continue reading »

Mar 122010
Not this sh*t again.

Much like the mythical creature from where it takes its name, the Multi-missile pack is one weapon most people dread. While it doesn’t have the phenomenal stopping power of the other back mounts, the Hydra’s strength lies in its surprise – four missiles erupting from the main body to engulf the enemy, and cut off their attempts at escape. Continue reading »

Mar 042010
Stinger is about to hit a fist full of lead

Stinger is just about to hit a hand full of lead.

Size doesn’t matter in the world of AC, especially when you’re talking about the WA Finger. A placeholder for one of the series’ most broken weapons, the Finger finds an unexpected ancestor in a weapon that helped shape the British Empire.

Barely the size of an AC’s fist, the WA Finger machine gun is nonetheless one of the most hated weapons to ever grace Armored Core. While the Karasawa terrorized with staggering single-shot firepower, the Finger dealt fear with sheer, overwhelming numbers. Continue reading »