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Nov 072007
Sophie - Wut

In continuation of PACT III, we’re holding 3.1 this Saturday, November 10. Place is still sforzando‘s residence.

Honor the system and don’t change your ACs guys. For the new entrants, unfortunately you’ll only be able to officially rank through the loser’s bracket.

Speaking of the system, we’ll be using the new way of scoring matches, so you better try and obliterate your opponents every time in all the ways the game allows it.

For the four semifinalists: me, Lord_Leperman, maitreya and NiX, good luck and godspeed!

Let’s fight like gentlemen!

Sep 262007
PACT 2.1 Brackets

Man, this is massively overdue. But hey, we all know by now what the results were anyway, so this is kind of just a formality.

A great many thanks to our gracious hosts, NiX and maitreya.
A great many thanks to all those who came and participated as well.

The PACT just keeps getting better and better. The contestants were arguably better this time around, and there was greater variety in the designs. Maybe it’ll grow even more in the future, but only time will tell that for now. In the meantime, enjoy the results.


A repeat of history, as some said. Pictures are available here.

Sep 262007

“If something can go wrong, it will.”
– Murphy’s Law.

“God does not want PACT II to happen.”
– overheard at DT’s place, May 19, 2007

It’s very rare to see me get violent. Ask anyone who’s known me for quite a while and they’ll say that I’m very much a pacifist (which is just a nice way of saying I’m a coward). However, if ever there was one person I would really like punch in my entire life, it would be that guy named Murphy and his stupid law. If there ever was a day when it seemed that that stupid law was totally enforced, it would have been the nineteenth of May, when it seemed as if all sorts of mishaps occurred, at least to a select group of individuals, who incidentally, all belonged to the Raven Republic.

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