Model kits, figurines, collectibles, and other swag

Nov 072009
Bad Gundams 01

Ask any mecha fan what they think is the most prolific mecha plamo maker is and more often than not, the answer you’ll get is Bandai. Aside from various Macross and Digimon figures and toys, they are also the sole manufacturer of the entire Gundam model kit and figure lineup, which they started back in the early ’80s. The very first releases were non-graded kits of the RX-78-2 and the Zaku II, which featured very minimal detail and poseability and required paint and glue to complete. Continue reading »

Nov 032009
Armored Core: Cronus Custom VESTAL 001

Oh boy here we go again. From 507 the creator of the ever so beautiful Crest Heavy Fighting Type “Black Rain” comes another beast of an AC machine simply called VESTAL which is a (heavily) modified CRONUS model kit. In contrast to his previous creation, this one seems to be built for speed and flight. Read on for more pictures of this beautiful AC. Continue reading »

Oct 142009
Busou Shinki with Armored Core weapons

Raven Republic members held the 3rd AC kit bash event last October 10 in forum member Trace‘s residence. Kit Bash 3 is a combination AC model assembly, painting, model mash-up, and photo-op, members try to assemble model kits, paint them, and see which one fits with another, though the actual AC kit bash hasn’t occurred yet (a true mix-match of parts resulting in an original creation hasn’t materialized as of the moment). Of course, it wouldn’t be complete w/o Japanese curry, the official food during an AC kit bash meet.

Anyway, pics of the model creations after the jump. Continue reading »

Aug 272009
Armored Core Unsung Splash

ORCA Brigade leader Maximillian Thermidor’s personal NEXT is the next (pun definitely not intended) Armored Core to be immortalized in plastic model form, courtesy of model maker Kotobukiya. This kit is the twenty-seventh model to be produced for the Variable Infinity series, joining the likes of Supplice, White Glint and Noblesse Oblige from the Playstation 3 Armored Core games. Continue reading »

Aug 252009
Armored Core Weapon Set 1

Hot on the heels of the release of the next-gen Armored Core model kits come these new weapon sets from Japanese plamo-maker Kotobukiya. While previous weapon sets used armaments and equipment from the PlayStation 2-era of games, these latest additions to the Variable infinity line-up offer parts to customize the new ACs coming from Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer for the PlayStation 3. Among the parts included are the HITMAN machine gun, the SAMPAGUITA shotgun, the 061ANSC sniper cannon and the venerable MOONLIGHT laser blade. Continue reading »