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Sep 142009
3D Dot Game 01

The latest game from From Software, the creators of Armored Core, is a throwback to the classic 8-bit era RPG titles mixed with a modern aesthetic, giving the once blocky 2D sprites a high-definition 3D remake with particularly interesting results. A modern retro style game so to speak, the game is full 3D pixel art as seen from the screenshots below: Continue reading »

Sep 102009
Armored Core Portable Controls 02

One of FROM’s biggest hurdles in converting their PS2 Armored Core titles to the PSP was the control scheme. The inherent difference in the number of buttons on the dual shock and the PSP meant that the controls simply couldn’t be the same. This is evidenced by how FROM’s first portable Armored Core game, Formula Front, was initially an AI arena only. FROM eventually did implement player control, but with automated vertical aiming due to the absence of the L2 and R2 buttons on the PSP. This made for what enthusiasts considered a dumbed down Armored Core experience.

With the release of Armored Core 3 Portable and the announcement of Silent Line Portable, many players wondered how FROM would work around this button handicap. The image below shows how they decided to lay out the default controls.
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Sep 042009
Armored Core Silent Line Portable - 04

Recent screenshots of the upcoming Armored Core Silent Line Portable game for the PSP have revealed a variety of new parts to be included in the next AC game as well as some new features.

1. Shortened load time thanks to some of the game data being installed in the memory stick.
2. Data from AC3P can be carried over, though only 1/10 of the credits will be ported over aside from all of the parts.
3. A.I. training seems to be back as well.

On to the new parts:
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Sep 032009
Armored Core 3 Portable 05

Long time AC fan Naitoh, who has been an excellent source of information on the Japanese Armored Core scene, has recently uploaded videos of “Matsuri 2″, a Japanese Armored Core 3 tournament held back in January of 2003, on his YouTube account. Sadly, we have no further information regarding the tournament such as its rules and part restrictions. Beyond that, the only information we can confirm for sure is the slight lag with the 2nd player because of the i.Link connection, as mentioned by Naitoh himself, a given problem in the AC3 and SL editions of AC.

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Aug 272009
Armored Core Silent Line Portable – 01

After the release of Armored Core 3 Portable for the PSP last July, From’s next entry in its PSP ports series is Armored Core: Silent Line, which is scheduled for a November 19, 2009 release. One of the highlights of this new edition is the reappearance of the legendary Karasawa Mk II first seen in Armored Core 2, and it seems like it retains most of its stats except for the reduced ammo count as seen below: Continue reading »

Jun 282009
Armored Core 3 Portable 01

This official screenshot sports a sexy new head design previously absent from all preceding AC games. One can only wonder what other new surprises AC3P has in store for its followers and fans. Speculation goes that it’s the equipped head part of the new No.1 Ranker in the arena, replacing Ace as the arena top dog from the original AC3. See more pictures below and in the gallery. Continue reading »