Aug 152014


The results are finally in for Queen Drac Wraith‘s second aesthetics ACDC. A total of 93 ACs were entered all in all.

That’s a lot of ACs.

Hit the jump for the list of all the winners!

1-MOA Division: Sludge Dredd by Ataraxis

Sludge Dredd

2-AA Division: – a tie!

Retenie by Nomrah

Lone Stranger by TMRaven
Lone Stranger

3-LR Division: D-A-D by Bakuhatsu Penguin


4-FA Division: Fingerboom by TMRaven


V-VD Division: Wyvern by Stravern


For the entire list and breakdown (because, you know, if they weren’t first, those other 87 ACs had to go somewhere), head on over to the forum thread.

And be sure to join the next one!

  • Your God

    I like how the Wyvern has that sporty, oldskool AC look; color contrasts are pretty good too imo, like how the paint scheme on the core of Lone Stranger was done from the rest of its other parts.