Mar 142012

Despite Armored Core 5’s focus on team gameplay, the duel between 2 pilots still remains the “Classic” way to play Armored Core, holding true for all of the game’s incarnations.

GodlyPerfection has uploaded what seems to be a duel between two, top ranked JPN players in a best of three fight to the death. An operator oversees the fight and records the video. The uploader notes that you do not see the players go through Scan Mode due to the recording. True enough, this ACV video reminds us that the dueling spirit in Armored Core is not dead and has lived on.

  • Scott Green

    Was that Tiffa Adill in the background?

  • Santa

    This “area limit” is extremely annoying. Is it because of height? If so, that seems quite limited. Why give ACs such awesome flying prowess if you’re going to hobble them all the time?

  • Ross Potter

    I have a few questions about some of the pvp in AC5 mostly about Conquest. If you could help me out my XBL Gt is Hikage Doragon.