Sep 212011

J.E_Magog at the forums brought to our attention a video from Gamescom 2011 featuring live Armored Core V team play.

In the video, the commander (with a cool accent) tries to lead the team through the familiar Armored Core destroy-all-targets mission spiced up with co-op action.

The most interesting bit is the revelation of an ejection system triggering after your AC is destroyed. It’s still unclear if the jetpack guy has any abilities or if it’s simply a way for you to continue watching the mission. You can see this at 2:05 into the video.

  • Goat

    Oh wow.  RR finally has a new update.

  • grog_magog

     Tang inang banner yan, ang astig!

    • NiX

      Goat did a great job of cleaning up that HD screenshot. But we’ll be replacing it again soon with an AC with a brighter color scheme to better contrast with the gray bg.