Jun 072011

J.E_Magog in the forums just made an exposé of FromSoft’s apparent liberal use of real-life references for the recently unveiled Armored Core V cinematic.

This new revelation perhaps helps explain the odd scene cuts employed in the video. But even then, the painstaking amount of detail produced by their CG artists for these recreations and the Armored Cores themselves remains just as impressive.

A few more of their sources of “inspiration” are featured below.


GAU-8 Avenger

Operation Shock and Awe

  • http://www.ravenrepublic.net Lord Leperman

    This only serves to make the game more realistic as close as it can.

  • Nextus

    People in an art major shouldn’t be surprised. One of the KEY steps to putting something like this together is to gather reference material. If anything, I think this enhances the trailer. Not sure if it deserves a post, but I can see how this helps point out the realistic approach like Lord Leperman said. 

    *goes to watch video again* ^_^

    • grog_magog

      Not everyone’s in an Art Major. What we find interesting, we’ll post it.

      • Nextus

        please do, i can see why you would. Like I said, it is interesting to see. My words did come off a bit sharp (just came off of a discussion about an animation studio doing the same thing and people complaining about it). The point of my post was my second sentence.

        Referencing is a key part of doing these things. It makes me glad to know they’re doing things right.