Jun 062011

FromSoft’s own YouTube channel just got updated with the full version of the Armored Core V teaser clip that was shown last June 1st. This video done in exceptionally realistic CG tells quite a bit about the game’s premise, such as the uncovering of ancient machines to be used in an ongoing war.

Uploaded a few days before the Armored Core V video are clips from the also highly anticipated (and equally amazing) FromSoft game Dark Souls. You can check all these out at the FromSoft channel.

  • grog_magog

    A work of art @_@

    • http://ravenrepublic.net NiX

      Haha I bet you’re imagining the man-hours it took to render the CG. XD

  • Santa216

    Most likely owing to a full pre-render CG, but I like this waaay more
    than the first “Armored Core V” trailer. The camera shots last more than
    a second, for starters. You can, astonishingly, tell what’s happening.
    The trailer direction has vastly improved, or rather, has returned to
    its usual level. The design problems probably still stand, though. Hard
    to tell until they show more than one AC in a single frame. In any
    event, it really only matters in gameplay – CG has ways to go around it.

    On a decisively positive note though, the needlessly elaborate
    transforming head returns! Man, I love that guy. Trying so hard to be

    On a tangentially related side-note, From Software are *so* much better
    at making CG than at making games. I mean no disrespect to them, the
    games are awesome, but the videos are visual-poetry, jaw-droppingly
    beautiful. They really need to produce a theatrical piece one of these
    days. Why was the OVA cancelled again?

    • Qubeley404

      If youre talking about Fort Tower:Song or whatever it was called the manga it was going to be based off died after its first volume, and if memory serves this was when there was a lack of new AC, with the horrid exceptions of Formula Front and Ninebreaker which both were more or less massive wastes of time.

  • Qubeley404

    From whats been seen in the trailers and screenshots on site, back cannons are a thing of the past (most likely owing to the shrinkage of the AC’s) though with the addition of the weapon swapping system you’ll be able to keep the same level of redundantly high fire-power. Granted on the main site only a single lightweight leg has been seen, and this only when not upgraded with armor, turning it into a middleweight looking leg. I am pleased to see that laser rifles may finally get a true sniping variant as seen with a hinged laser cannon (at the official site in screenshots). The addition of a sniping system raises my expectations and makes me wish I lived in Japan if only to get the game when it launches there. However the sudden lack of new info about “over-weapons” is beginning to make me wonder if that will still be in the game, however there is good new, laser blades are back, and are now handheld apparently, so hey ho Gundam fans its a beam saber :D.