May 262011
LEGO White Glint 05

Armored Core: For Answer cover AC White Glint has come back, in Lego form. Found in the account by a user named Dak Yuki, this Lego Armored Core is one of the more complicated ones to build given the amount of detail involved, as well as the articulation present. You can view more of this lovely masterpiece below.

You can see the original gallery here.

Thanks NiX, for the heads up.

  • NiX

    Super amazing LEGO creation hurt by not so amazing photography skills! But I’d buy it anyway.

  • Anthony Palafox

    Damn, Lego should consider making some sets dedicated to AC, like with what they did with the Star Wars Ultimate Collector series.

    • Jose Maria Alcabaza

      I doubt they’d be as good as the fan made ones though.