May 212011
Rayleonard 04-Alicia White Pearl - 01

Rayleonard 04-ALICIA White Pearl Ver.

The newest addition to Kotobukiya‘s Variable Infinity line has just been announced. This time, it is a White Pearl version of the Rayleonard 04-Alicia from Armored Core at the 1/72 scale. The kit is scheduled for release on September 2011 at a price point of ¥5,500.

The whole parts list included in the kit is as follows:

Head: 03-AALIYAH/H
Leg: 04-ALICIA/L
Booster: CB-JUDITH
Right arm weapon: 051ANNR
Left arm weapon: 04-MARVE
Left back weapon: SULTAN
Right back weapon: HLC09-ACRUX

Source: Hobby Search

  • TAUfanatic

     It looks awesome! but I’ve never been very fond of that AC anyways…
    I’m VERY happy with my dual face kit :D

    • NiX

      I prefer the PS2-gen mecha designs too. :D

      • Anthony Palafox

        I never even bought any of the 4 and fA kits. :P

  • Qubeley404

    Insta-buy no questions asked, been wanting to see white versions for those legs, and that body ^^. Not to mention the coolest laser cannon in the game (considering Angel wings are from 4).

  • XarlyX

    I wish there was an 051ANNR papercraft…