Mar 172011
Greifer 06

Over at the forums, resident kit-basher Fox just directed us to a ridiculously good scratch-built original model that won the Hobby Japan: All Japan “Ora-Zaku” Championship 13th.

Named YAMS-130B Greifer, this fan-created mobile suit is a reimagining of the classic MS-18E Kämpfer (or MS-07 Gouf?) for the Unicorn Gundam timeline.

What’s exceptional about this work by Style-S is the attention to detail. From conceptual sketches to 3DCG models to background information to scratch-built armor and LED detailing, the guy has covered it all.

Now I’m not sure if it was part of the contest prize (since I can’t read Japanese), but it is likely that this fan work may go into Gundam canon and even be featured in an upcoming episode of the ongoing Gundam Unicorn OVA. Here’s to hoping that they even release it as a kit.

More pictures and details at the creator’s website over here.

  • Anthony Palafox

    Okay, i ran the guy’s website through a translator and, among all the almost non-sensical engrish, it said something along the lines of the base design being a revamp of the Kampfer with the Gouf’s weapons thrown in. Now that i think about it, this MS’s pilot might be overcompensating for something, hmmm…

    • NiX

      So it is both! Well thanks for clearing that up. :D

  • Decker Lenard

    So, this won’t become part of the Canon Gundam Unicorn storyline? It’s purely fan based?

    • Decker Lenard

      Nevermind, I read it again. I REALLY do hope to see this in an episode. I saw it for a bit on Gundam wiki, before it got taken down, so I’m kinda hopeful.

  • Qubeley404

    In reality this was the winner of a high-level competition in Japan (if memory serves) its a custom kit which has another Elpeo clone as its pilot (granted from what we see in Unicorn all but no.12 are dead [nvm that]). Its basically a unit with a destroy mode but built by the Sleeves after getting info from the Unicorn (highly unlikely as they had to steal the Sininaju, and in episode 3 were still using things like the Gelgoog and Zaku Eye.)

    From a design standpoint it seems to be based on both the Kampfer in Gouf in their respective blitzkrieg roles, however It does not seem to carry any other weapons than the quad gattling which would probably run out of ammo quickly.

    • Qubeley404

      Also it is unlikely this will be in the Unicorn OVA’s as the episodes are covering the storyline from the Novels very closely, there is no room for add-ons considering it will only get 6 episodes (currently at 3, waiting for no.4).