Oct 212010
Multiplayer: awesome, salvageable or sucky?

Yes, we’re very much still alive here at RR, thank you very much. But anyway.

There’s been quite a buzz regarding Front Mission Evolved since it came out. Consistent enough with most mecha games, the single player experience in terms of plot/story and character development isn’t really surfacing on the write-ups around the web. Everyone has been more focused on the game mechanics, and more importantly how these translate into the multiplayer aspect.

Unfortunately, it’s not been all rosy reviews (or at all, for that matter).

Hit the jump to find out what people are saying.

  • Mecha Damashii writes this decidedly thumbs-down piece on the inconsistencies of the in-game movement.
  • Metacritic summed up the scores of those dozen or so gaming-centered sites to a pretty paltry 60 out of 100.
  • The GameFAQs boards are, as always, jumping with questions and observations from both newbies and more experienced players. A quick scan will reveal many gripes about imbalance persisting throughout the weapon sets available.
  • The subforum for Front Mission Evolved subforum on Steam has been pretty alive with activity as well. This thread highlights what’s good/workable with the game. People have even been trying to raise the playing field on a competitive level.

Thoughts? Played the game and was satisfied/disappointed? Where do you think the game went wrong?

Chime in through the comments below, or through the thread on the forums (semi-serious discussion begins on page 3).

  • Two24u

    i bought it and i loved the single player mode. I still go back with crazy builds and play through missions. I like the customization in it…but as for multiplayer…its bad..really bad..you gotta level up to get new parts..and to lvl up u need to kill enemy’s in matches..but the servers are open worldwide so like..you enter a match with a starting Wanzer and your going up against a japanese guy who’s wanzer is like bad ass kill u in 2 shots..and so the game ends up being 50-0 because there are the repair things u can pick up…so no matter what damage i do to them they just heal back to full..and never run out of ammo..its 1 sided and not fun..not to mention you cant back out of a game on the Ps3 without quiting the whole game…so single player = Win and multiplayer = Hard fail..

    • http://bluemechaoxide.net/ Mix

      Thanks for sharing! Seems like Square Enix really dropped the ball on this one…

  • Shinigamiefa

    I liked the story missions for just one run (on hard) after that u have UBER-PARTS the game gets boring if u don’t use weaker parts. Multiplayer for me is better even if at the beginning u suck u should start with “sniper” pre-build and “brawler” (it has anti missile). One can rank-up fast with these and around Rank 20 one can make a decent mech. Snipers with a little of skill and luck can take down even rank 40 or higher players with great satisfaction. The rank balancing in groups ain’t perfect it fail time to time. Almost all parts are balanced except missiles and a little bit bazookas. The only thing that can take the joy of playing online is player with a fast mech with a shield and two missiles in shoulders spamming all the time because I read that you dont get Anti missile backpack like after rank 35. If u are a beginner and confront one of these use Sniper pre-build and give him hell breaking their legs and sit back and relax while ur team kills him ^_^.

    My Game Rating : 8.0

    • Shinigamiefa

      Good news: The game has DLC available with new weapons and parts.

  • Qubeley404

    I found the single player very lacking in both story consistency and the idea to add a fps/3ps system into it (IMBECILES)…As for the MP as with above post is a joke, anyone enemy with level 60+ parts can stand in front of you take nearly no damage, and then one shot you with an ugly shotgun or broken 5-spread bazooka. Even better is the fact that they ruined 90% of the “revamped” designs, the Grille, goes from one of the most crisp sniper designs in the game to a blocky version with a trash can for a head. Then the Vyzov, a very sleek Russian-esk looking design from previous titles gets fattened up on crap and turned into the current Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. his appearance in Predator. Even better is the fact that many of the weapons which were easily identified by looks were turned into pea-shooters that look more reliable as hand-held infantry weapons. Overall it was a massive slip-up on Squeenix’s side, considering a port of Front Mission 5 (which never came to the US or EU) would’ve sold several million more copies and still have players to this day without even an inkling of MP.