Aug 192010
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It’s. About. Time. (Video after the jump)

Armored Core’s uber boss is finally making an appearance in Another Century’s Episode R, the latest incarnation of the long running ACE series which allows players to pilot their favorite anime mecha from various shows and blow stuff up. Finally, the chance that many AC power tripping fans have been hoping for is here without using some cheatcode to use him (We don’t really know if players can use him, but we’re assuming they can). From Software, who developed the same game, also inserted a Murakumo mech from the game with the same name in the first ACE title as well, so the tradition kinnda follows. More screenshots of this magnificent find after the jump:

Thanks Black Dragon for the heads up.


Thanks J.E. for the video find!

  • Goat


    Still, I wonder how From will portray H-1; will he be an AI or a human?

  • Lord Leperman

    Good question. I’d like to hear it splurt out nonsense like in MOA :P

  • Anthony Palafox

    I wonder if they’ll show Togur… errr, Hustler-One stepping out of the cockpit this time.

  • Anonymous

    I think it will look freaky if some brain rigged with cables would jump out of the cockpit…

  • Anonymous

    FAKE&GAY! lol jk seriously I hope they didn’t just put him there on guard duty.

  • Goat

    Lol this. It would be an insult to other AC fans if he’d just end up being another mech mook.

    I mean, where would all of his/its sinister self go if that happened?

  • Anauteus

    According to the Armored Core wiki he’s quite OP and is considered to be on the top tier of things. While this is all written word, I it has been stated on the interwebz that his legendary melee attack remains legendary.

  • Shance

    Confirmed: Nine-Ball Seraph is playable.

    Exiting comment section, proceeding to Raven’s Nest.

    • NiX

      Wow! Thanks for the update, Shance. :)