Aug 142010

Here are a bunch of Armored Core papercraft models made by a person known as 東雲 遠音, who has painstakingly created three different Armored Core models out of paper. Papercraft or Paper Models for those who are new to the hobby, is the creation of 3D scale models using nothing but paper (or card paper for a little more stability in the finished product), glue, and a cutter. Hobbyists print out pre-set patterns of the models (sometimes of their own creation) and after hours of hard work, a 3D paper model of the figure emerges.

Time consuming and somewhat difficult to do, Papercrafting is a labor of love. As 東雲 遠音 shows, it is also rewarding as he has created the basic starter AC from Armored Core Nexus, a GA SUNSHINE AC, and a SOLDNER AC from Armored Core: For Answer. He also created an X-SOBRERO core, but the remaining parts might have been discontinued due to the flimsy frame.

Watch videos of him assemble AC models from paper after the jump:

GA Armored Core from ACFA:

Soldner AC from ACFA:

アーマードコアfAペーパークラフト [無料blog]

Get the printable PDF right here.

[via: 東雲 遠音]

  • Goat

    Holy fucking shit.

  • Lord Leperman

    I know, it’s damn awesome.

  • Two24u

    hey heres a link
    that has 1 of a wanzer..the sheet you need to i guess..print out..and the instructions on how to do it

  • Lord Leperman

    Haha, I remember that post from almost 5 years ago and making that papercraft model as well.

    Took me 2 hours just to make one Zenith’s arm alone D:

  • Goat

    Lol thank you for sharing that info. Never thought of looking for something like that. XD

  • Anthony Palafox

    This is something i’d really want to try out. Any recommendations as to what kind of paper to use? I think regular bond paper might be a bit too frail for the job.

  • Anonymous

    Use something harder man. Oslo?

  • Mix

    This is awesome.

  • NiX

    Oslo or maybe cut-up cartolina.

  • Lord Leperman

    Construction paper should work, it’s sturdy, durable (for papercrafting) and it comes in a variety of colors.

  • phaide

    so this guy goes thru all the trouble of making the design and keeps it all to himself? selfish… i understand that he wouldn’t want someone to duplicate his results and claim they made the template, but damn.

  • ttkurk

    Anyone have a working link for this model?

    • NiX

      Just noticed that the link is down. Sorry but I don’t have a copy anymore. :( I guess you can try digging through the creator’s blog here:
      It’s in Japanese, though.

  • Caillou

    hey guys , i just found the link for this model, enjoy!