Aug 132010

Welp, it’s that time of the year. Raven Republic was founded on August 13, 2006. We couldn’t resist posting a new colored Sophie Emilia picture to commemorate this event, drawn and colored yet again by the very talented Trace 02. RR’s cover girl still looks as fresh as ever. With all the events and meetings RR’s members have been through, we all hope to expect RR to stay around much longer.

Happy Birthday RR!

  • Mix

    Happy birthday RR!

  • NiX

    Sophie’s excitement for the event shows through and through!

  • Lord Leperman

    4 years and still going, that’s gonna be more Sophie pics as well. Looking forward to 4 more years :D

  • Goat

    Happy Birthday, RR!

  • Anthony Palafox

    Keep moving forward, RR!

  • Anonymous

    I was one of the early birds in the forums yesterday, But I forgot to greet RR on it’s 4th Anniversary. Fail.

    Happy 4th Raven Republic!