Aug 072010
Linka and Sophie listening to some AC tunes.

So far, he’s making a damn good job at it. Mattias Häggström Gerdt is a freelance Swedish video game music composer who had a hand at developing music for various video games and music artists (what did you expect from a guy that had Viking war music in his bloodline?). Inspired by various Armored Core OSTs, particularly the synthesized vocals used in most soundtracks, he decided it was high time that a tribute album be made in honor of this unique method of music composition.

You can read his essay on processed vocals in Armored Core soundtracks (Prominent examples include Artifical Sky, Shining. Samples of which can be listened to after the jump) that got him started on this project. If you need a quick memory refresh on what synthesized vocals were like in Armored Core, hit the jump for a quick refresher on Shining form AC:N and Artificial Sky from AC3 as well as a sample of Mattias’ awesome tribute album:


Artificial Sky:

Mattias’ tribute album sample:

Armored Core Tribute Album preview from Mattias Häggström Gerdt on Vimeo.

We really love where this project is headed, and we look forward to its completion. Now if he can do something about those boring Last Raven sound tracks, we’ll bow down and worship this guy.

[via: Ansou through Armored Core Universe Forums]

Thanks for the heads up LCC, and J.E. for the reminder.

  • Mattias Häggström

    Thanks for the coverage mate! I'll be sure to tackle a Last Raven track now and see what I can do ;)

  • Lord Leperman

    Dude, your stuff is really good :p The samples in your preview release were very catchy. I think I wanna play AC with those playing in the background. :D

    Its not that LR sounds are bad, its just we tend to forget they're even playing on the background XD. Doesn't really have anything memorable unlike in other AC games.

  • Mattias Häggström

    Yeah I hear ya. That's because Kota Hoshino wasn't involved! :D

    When the digital release is out you can load my album up on your 360 and DO play AC with that music ;) Anyway thanks for spreading the word

  • NiX

    Great stuff, mate. Looking forward to more!

  • Lord Leperman

    I believe he already has, and it’s really awesome. The link is somewhere on the ACU link in the article.

  • Two24u

    soo you think you might be able to throw up the apex in circle song as a the album..cause i mean..that song sounds damn good and i wanna hear it haha

  • Nevis

    Buddy, the official OCRemix Armored Core remixes “The Answer” is officially released yesterday. Check it out at